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Enrich your toolkit with Cordeo

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As a marketing or communication professional, you are responsible for strong brand communication. You can only achieve this with the right tools. Enrich your toolkit with Cordeo. Create, manage and distribute all your content within the corporate identity from one digital location. Not only you, but your entire organization always has access to it. Cordeo offers what you need to manage your brand and content. Be efficient. Save time.

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Here everyone makes the nicest content, even without graphic skills. Always within the identity of your agency, but with as much flexibility as you want to allow. You are in charge. Vary colours and layouts so that the end result is exactly what you need.


We'll set up all the templates for you. Would you rather pick this up yourself? Then create your own designs via Adobe InDesign and implement them in Cordeo using our smart plugin. You're good to go.


Digitally save the latest version of your corporate identity manual. This way everyone has access to the most updated house style and you can be sure that everyone is using the right colours, styles and fonts.


In this digital asset manager you manage all your media and files: store, organize and easily retrieve with tags that you set yourself. You also keep all your created content items here. Utilities that you have shared online and later change, remain up-to-date thanks to dynamic permalinks.


Send your easily made files to your own print department, in-house printer or one of our partners. You will immediately receive an estimate of the costs, even internationally. What's more? You quickly set up workflows so that orders can be checked and approved where necessary.


Take your customer experience to the next level by also boosting your email marketing. Using templates in the corporate identity of your organization, you can create emails within a few clicks. One more click and your email is already sent to your selected recipient list.

Brand management complicated? Not with Cordeo's Brand Management Tools.

Brand Management with Cordeo

With Cordeo you make sure all your expressions are on fire. This means that you always realize the right feeling, because everyone within your organization applies the corporate identity in the right way. Go create recognizability with your brand. It's worth it.

  • Flexible templates
  • Implement adjustments in a super-fast way
  • Always keep your corporate identity consistent
More grip on your corporate identity and your content?

What to expect from us?

No organization is the same. That's why we set up Cordeo according to your needs.

Step 1: Get to know your company

We know that no organization is the same. That is why we start with an extensive analysis of your organisation. What are your objectives? What content do you want to create and what do the processes look like? The toolkit that we put together for you fits exactly what you need to achieve the optimal result.

Step 2: Quick implementation

We do everything we can to implement the software smoothly and quickly. Our aim is to get you up and running quickly. We do everything we can to provide you and your colleagues with a simpler communication process. Demos and training sessions are part of this, of course. Only when you're completely ready, do you continue under your own steam.

Step 3: We're there for you

You will have your own permanent contact person who is just as involved in the success of the software as you are. Can't you come any further? A phone call or mail will do. Your contact person knows you and your organisation and will help you quickly. You can also continue to count on specific advice, product knowledge and insight into the question of what the software delivers and how you can get even more out of it.

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