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Create 3 times as many expressions in half the time

Creating more expressions in half the time? With Cordeo, you get more for less. Did you know that our users:

  • Send a new flyer to their printer within 5 minutes
  • Find their images and documents in two clicks
  • Create, distribute and manage all their communications in line with their corporate identity
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Do it yourselve

You can create, distribute and manage expressions yourself


In no time make a good expresions in within your corporate identity. Graphic skills? Not necessary. Everyone in your organization can communicate with flexible templates.

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With one push of a button you spread your expressions. A brochure, flyer or e.g. business cards are sent directly to the printer or you can publish a social media message right away.

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Manage your brand and content from the Digital Asset Manager. From created content to media and documents. Overview, structure and always everything at hand.

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Let your own people create, distribute and manage your communications. You work efficiently, being independent of external parties and you'll save a lot time and costs.

Tell us your challenges. I like to think along with you.
Heleen Klein Horsman Sales Manager
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+50.000 happy users

We're pretty proud of that!

"What started with us in 2008 as a smart template for business cards has grown into a complete solution for brand, asset and content management. Cordeo's strength is its ability to develop creative and innovative solutions in co-creation for what we present to them".

Geertjan de Grip Media Buyer

"We've been working with Cordeo for 19 years. Cordeo has proven to outperform itself every time and deliver new value to Infor. It helps us to create a large amount of documents in the right corporate identity".

Claudia van de Heg Project Manager Marketing Creative

"We are very happy with Cordeo. We finally have control over the complex process of keeping manuals in many languages up to date and making them available quickly".

Serge Groenestein Technical Buyer

"Olympia, als franchiseorganisatie, is zeer tevreden met Cordeo. De merkportal faciliteert vele vestigingen bij het maken van marketingmateriaal en nieuwsbrieven".

Marloes Barelds Marketing Specialist
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Heleen Klein Horsman Sales Manager

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