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As a team we work on building and managing your brand and content.

Giving you control over your brand identity and your communication is what we are committed to. Team Cordeo is as flexible as our brand portal. We are there for you and adapt our brand portal to your users and the organization. Think of us as your colleagues. Let's build a strong brand!

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Cordeo puts your company in the picture and gives you advice.

Step 1: Zoom in on your organization

No organization is the same. We would like to get to know you. What are the objectives? What expressions do you want to make in the coming period? What do your communication processes look like? Your brand portal needs to fit in exactly with your needs.

We implement Cordeo as soon as possible, so that your organization can simplify the communication process as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Quickly implemented

We're doing everything we can to get the brand portal up and running quickly. After mapping, we prefer to get into action as soon as possible. Demos and training will be provided for you afterwards.

At Cordeo you get the best support. And always one fixed contact person who knows everything about your organization. How nice is that?

Step 3: We're there for you

You will have your own, permanent contact person from Cordeo who is just as involved in the success of the brand portal as you are. Can't you come any further? A phone call or mail will do. Your contact knows you and your organization and will help you quickly

Team Cordeo
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Team Cordeo

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Our brand portal in the cloud helps you strengthen your brand position and brings an efficient communication process. Ultimately, our involvement makes all the difference. With over 20 years of experience, we guarantee you in-depth knowledge of Digital Asset Management and brand and content management. Team Cordeo is committed to helping you when you need it.

Is every expression you make always in accordance with the corporate identity?
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