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Brand Resource Management

Unlock the potential to express your brand

No one knows better than you that optimal Brand Management can make the difference for your brand. You also know that your organization will only be successful if it is able to share efficient and recognizable branded marketing and communication materials at the right time, through the right medium and channel. This can be a challenge.
We offer you the solution.

BrandSpot, our brand management software, simplifies, accelerates and automatizes the operational proces, resulting in many benefits:

BPlanning Perspective

Short lead times and fast time to market

MarCom materials always available and on time

BFinancial Perspective

Capitalize on cost cutting opportunities (Decrease TCO)

Increase return on marketing investment

BBranding Perspective

Organize a consistent brand expression

Increase brand distinctiveness, recognition, preference and brand value

BOrganizational Perspective

Simplify complexity through user friendly tools

Make a better team and boost customer focus

BGeographic Perspective

Bridge the gap between time and language zones, connect people 24/7

Manage everything from 1 source: "Think global, act local"

BBusiness Perspective

Consistent and efficient use of brand, people & resources

Increase growth by consistent MarCom materials


Six independent applications with accompanying modules offer you all necessary functionalities. Proven, standardized and very user-friendly software. Scalable and configurable to your situation and needs. ISO 27001 certified, SaaS and cloud-based.

18 million

Pages published in 2016

50 thousand

Active users

40 languages

Publications in 40 languages

60 thousand

Worldwide deliveries

We know that no organization is alike. Therefore, we start each project with an analysis and a businesscase.

The combination of an in-depth understanding of your case and our expertise will make it possible to bring out the best of our solution for your company and therefore obtain fast results.

Although BrandSpot is a standard software solution and so quick to implement, it doesn’t mean you’re locked in to doing things one way.

On the contrary. We will implement and completely adapt the solution to meet your company’s needs.


We use the software as a service (SaaS) business model, which gives you access to easy-to-use functionalities without the hassle or cost of owning hardware and software.


Brand Services Portal

BrandSpot enables your marketing organization to be more creative, more efficient and more productive. It meets your company’s needs by acting as a standardized, scalable, configurable and independent brand services portal for Brand Resource Management. You’ll speed up the time-to-market and reduce your costs. Above all, you’ll achieve a consistent brand expression and manage content for multiple media and channels.

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