What is Cordeo?

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Cordeo, the supplement for the marcom professional

Cordeo is our company that runs a software product of the same name that aims to make a difference for the marketing and communication professional. With Cordeo, organizations are able to simplify and speed up their communication process. Moreover, the corporate identity is always applied consistently in all communications. Affinity with design is not necessary.

Cordeo consists of six modules. They can be used independently of each other, but together they are the most powerful because of the additional power each module has. The modules integrate with each other which ensures that with Cordeo you can get the most out of Digital Asset Management, Content Management and Brand Management.

  • You get flexible templates for all content and expressions that you create as an organization
  • You work within one portal with the whole team
  • Easily manage, create and distribute your content, both online and offline
  • You can set up workflows to maintain control over who internally makes which statements
  • You manage more content in less time and save time because you are independent of external designers
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