Windesheim creates custom-made education information

In fast-paced times of globalization and digitalization we are dealing with an overabundance of information. Headlines, images and even video’s define our perception of the world. In order to keep up with this excess of information we need to become more selective, which has become harder than ever!

Organizations and companies should respond to these developments with their advertising campaigns: they shouldn’t just want to inform their potential clients, they also should more actively assist them. In other words, organizations should try to offer relevant information that a potential client would be interested in reading.

University of Applied Sciences Windesheim in The Netherlands realized soon-to-be  students are confronted with a lot of information when choosing a fitting study program. Once  a student has chosen which direction his or her life is going to take, he or she   also needs to choose between numerous, often similar programs.

Therefore, University of Applied Sciences Windesheim provides upcoming students the possibility to assemble their personal brochures with only information about programs they are interested in.

Cordeo made this possible thanks to BrandSpot. The future student fills in some personal data, chooses the preferred delivery option of the personal brochure and selects one or more study programs. Information about these programs and the University itself will be automatically added to the brochure.

Geertjan de Grip, On- and Offline Marketing & Communication department Windesheim, is very satisfied: “ We are happy to collaborate with Cordeo and the new ordering method for personalized brochures that we developed with Cordeo is working excellently!”

Watch the video about this BrandSpot solution by clicking here.

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