Tailor made student information at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Since September 1, 2016 the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht uses a unique and innovative manner to provide information to potential students. Visitors of the University website can select the desired information. The result is a fully customized brochure with exactly the requested information.

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht offers more than 90 undergraduate programs. Since 2011 BrandSpot is used for the generation of these brochures on the basis of flexible templates. Now they have made a step towards a more efficient process that better meets the needs of the target group by using the new ContentStore module.

In the ContentStore, text components and images are stored centrally. The Content Structure determines the structure of the content: which text and images are used. The Content Objects include content in different languages and different versions. A simple application form on the website about the courses of interest and many additional information such as honors programs, international students, guidance in professional sports and topics from student life (City of Utrecht, student housings, etc.) results in a complete dynamic brochure, personalized and customized.

The benefits to the University are not only related to an efficient process for managing content and lower costs, but especially in the provision of better information and the possibility to provide relevant information and follow-up to (potential) students. The requester and application data are stored in the CRM of the University.

The ContentStore offers one source of content for multiple media. The next step is the integration with the CMS of the University so that course information does not need not be kept in two places.

Rhea Hermans Team Identity & Traffic:

“The time investment required to set up this innovative project is now starting to bear fruit. We look forward to further implement this technology within our organization.”

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