A tailor-made BrandSpot for new customer Katholieke (Catholic) Pabo Zwolle

That brand management software is crucial for multinationals with worldwide establishments is rather obvious, but even smaller organizations can benefit hugely of such software. Our new customer Katholieke Pabo Zwolle (a teachers’ college for primary education, also known as KPZ) proves it. However, before choosing a brand portal, KPZ was dealing with a recognizable dilemma for many small organizations: on the one hand the need for a central image storage and a tool to produce and print brochures in a fast way, on the other hand the question whether such investment would really lead to a considerable reduction of costs.

It is a comprehensible dilemma, which is why we offer a special version of BrandSpot that fits the needs of organizations with just a small number of users. Costs are lower, but this version of BrandSpot disposes of everything that KPZ needs. For KPZ, this attractive price/quality ratio was decisive in choosing BrandSpot.

BrandSpot for Katholieke Pabo Zwolle

This BrandSpot portal, tailor-made for KPZ, contains three basic applications that cover the full process; from storing existing materials to creating and printing new communication materials:

  • The Library, or DAM, is the central storage for documents and photo’s of KPZ.
  • In the Studio, flyers, brochures and many other documents can be customized.
  • All marketing materials can be ordered at the printer within the WebShop.

Business cards wizard

BrandSpot is a standardized product, yet different for every organization. The portal is organized in order to fit the customers’ specific needs. As such, it is possible to make wizards, for example. A wizard is based on predefined text boxes and dropdown menus with customer specific information. A business card is an excellent example of a document normally created throughout a wizard. KPZ already uses this possibility to create and order business cards frequently.

Nanette Herfst of KPZ is very satisfied with the personal approach of Cordeo: “The fact that so much is possible, came as a very pleasant surprise. BrandSpot has been customised to meet our specific wishes and the price was a nice windfall. It is also a pleasure to work in BrandSpot.”

We are really looking forward to a beautiful collaboration with KPZ!

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