Tacton Systems AB launches brand services portal BrandSpot

Tacton Systems AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, has recently launched BrandSpot to support its international marketing and reseller network. Says Anders Ekman, Senior Vice President Marketing of Tacton Systems AB: “We are growing fast internationally and we needed a marketing portal to manage our international expansion. BrandSpot is one of the best integrated solutions to create and manage multilingual collateral and variable data campaigns. Especially for our expansion in Japan, BrandSpot is unique in its Japanese language capability.”

Tacton Systems AB is a world leader in advanced sales and product configuration. The technology redefines how  product configuration is managed – making it dramatically easier to design, configure and sell complex products. Today Tacton Systems AB is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with customers and resellers across the globe like GE Healthcare, Siemens, ABB, Scania, Aker, and Alfa Laval.

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