New integration SURFconext and BrandSpot!

Educational institutions use a lot of cloud services. SURFconext gives users access to a range of cloud services through their institutional account. Throughout the SURFconext infrastructure, authentication, autorisation, group management and privacy and security agreements are organised centrally. As a marketleader of Brand Portals within educational environment, with customers such as University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, University of Maastricht and Radboud University Nijmegen, Cordeo has recentely made a link with SURFconext. BrandSpot is now integrated with SURFconext too!SURFconext

SURFconext has been especially developed for the educational environment. Researches, colleagues and fellow-students can access easily all cloud-based services thanks to SURFconext. Just one log-in account is all it takes to access their online portals and services in a secure way.

Educational institutions cannot live without it anymore: SURFconext offers advantages for users as well as for the institutions themselves. Users have easy and secure access with the  account of the institution, and are enabled to limitlessly collaborate with fellow-students and colleagues. Institutions have the possibility to share their services with other institutions.

We are proud to have BrandSpot entirely integrated with SURFconext and that we have facilitated our customers’ work once again!

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