Without a doubt, you, as an organization, are in touch with printing offices, suppliers and other services for different purchases, that you have chosen considering many factors (costs, location, etc.). In order to oversee their procurement process, many organizations are making use of an e-procurement service: a service that comprehends online requesting, ordering and receiving of materials. Not only are organizations enabled to have their materials available in a quick and easy way, they also have access to relevant information of their orders and transactions. A webshop makes it possible for authorized users within your organization to be informed of existing contracts, accounts, ordertime, financial state and everything else involving the procurement process. In times of velocity and globalization such as ours, using an online centralized e-procurement service is essential.



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Our WebShop distinguishes itself from other e-procurement services because it is part of our Brand Management software BrandSpot. BrandSpot is focused on multi-channel marketing and it  enables you to create and manage your MarCom materials without the need of an external component to order and distribute these. BrandSpot provides all your information and materials in a central place.



You decide which MarCom materials are available for orders, so that your marketing-, communication- and procurement department or possible authorized externa l users have access 24/7 to the most recent versions of your materials in all languages. By using BrandSpot’s integrated WebShop, you will avoid long waiting times and design-complications that could occur when using an external distribution channel. An integration with your internal ordering system is also possible.

Infinite possibilities of our WebShop

Why do you choose our WebShop? Because our WebShop makes you fully independent from suppliers! Your own supplier? A supplier from our world-wide printing network? The choice is yours. You can also use various currencies. For envelopes, stationery, banners, contact cards, adverts, posters and direct mail, requiring variable data when making orders, practical wizards are available to simplify its creation and the ordering process.

Last but not least, our WebShop enables you to oversee budget and authorization easily. Curious?

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