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What is a WebShop

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The WebShop is the integrated e-procurement service within BrandSpot. An e-procurement service is an order function that allows MarCom materials and merchandise to be ordered online. The WebShop makes printing on demand available for your organisation. This prevents large numbers of obsolete folders and flyers. Order only what you need. The WebShop is seamlessly linked with Studio to be able to order materials created in BrandSpot directly from your own suppliers.

“Order and distribute your MarCom materials and communications.”


For whom is the WebShop


The WebShop is for every organization that often wants to (re)print communication materials, but it can also be used for other physical products and merchandising articles. From brochures, business cards, posters to flags and caps: all your brand materials are available through the WebShop.

BrandSpot offers you a central overview of the materials that can be ordered, the prices and the general budget for orders. No longer do various locations of an organization need to look separately for a local printer. Everything is done with the same system. Result: consistent implementation of the corporate identity style on all materials and a grip on quality and budget.

Select, order and distribute with WebShop

The ordering process is automated in practical steps for both order placements and approvals by the budget holder. After the relevant communication material has been designed in the Studio, the order can be placed in a few simple steps. An overview of which orders are made is possible with the special approval workflow. After the materials are approved, they are printed and delivered. This can even be done overnight so that they are delivered the following day. We will explain the different steps:

“24/7 printing on demand”


With the WebShop you can place orders in multiple currencies with multiple suppliers all over the world. For each product, it is indicated which suppliers are available and at which (discount) price so that the user can choose the most suitable supplier for his/her order. You can either use the print network of Cordeo or connect your own suppliers. You can also connect your own repro departments.



Keep control of all orders with the help of the approval workflow. A user can indicate that the publication made by him/her is ready to be printed and can place the order. Before the supplier receives the order, an e-mail notification is sent to the budget holder who is authorised to approve the order. The order is forwarded, only after approval.


By making use of a worldwide print network, the ordered material is quickly available everywhere. Due to collaborations with, among others, RPI Europe and Printing Partners, fast delivery and optimum quality are ensured. Of course, it is also possible to link your own suppliers or repro department to arrange the distribution as agreed. Every organisational division is thus guaranteed of the right quality, at the right price and delivery times.


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Grip due to a practical process and budget

The WebShop not only gives practical improvements to following the creation process, but also provides more control. The application supplies insight into budgets, delivery times and contracts of the various suppliers. With the aid of the reporting module it is immediately clear what was ordered by whom, at which supplier and at what price.

Purchase automation

Automated processes with e-mail notification and allocation to cost centers allow smooth execution of all actions. Your suppliers, whether near you or spread all over the world, are part of the ordering process. For the users, ordering is as simple as ordering something at any regular online webshop.

Variable data

The WebShop makes it possible to integrate variable data into communication materials. A user can, for example, make large numbers of personal badges in one go and order them directly in the Webshop so that they are available the next day. It is also possible to make personal brochures and have them sent directly to the person.


The WebShop gives you complete control over your to be produced and ordered MarCom materials and corresponding budgets. A central procurement site such as the Webshop ensures that authorised persons in your organization are aware of existing contracts, invoices, delivery time, financial status and everything that comes with the purchasing process.

“Personal materials by using variable data”


Advantages of an E-procurement service

Supplier independent

Stop your search for a supplier: order your materials and the WebShop automatically selects a supplier in your area. Want to choose your trusted supplier? That is possible too.

Make use of our global network

Print your orders locally anywhere in the world by using our global print network.

Order 24/7

Orders can be placed at any time. The WebShop immediately sends e-mail notifications to the authorised user for approval and informs the supplier when deliveries are to be made.

Prevent design complications

The WebShop is only one of the applications within BrandSpot and works closely with the other applications. Due to the integration with, for example, the Studio, the creation application, you can be assured that the supplier can process and deliver the design without problems because of the use of predefined flexible templates.

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