Online lay-out of MarCom materials.

When managing your brand, MarCom materials ought to be quickly and easily producible. Therefore, it is important that also users without technical or graphic experience are able to create, control, and to translate consistent marketing materials in an efficient and easy way. A user-friendly platform is thus essential.

Creating without graphic knowledge with our Studio

Its usability is one of the strongest forces of BrandSpot, which becomes very clear within BrandSpot’s Studio. How? Your designer regulates in advance within the DesignManager which elements are allowed to be modified by users. Next, authorized users can easily create various materials according to the corporate style guidelines, such as leaflets, brochures, mailings, productsheets and clientcases.



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For custom-made or personalized brochures, contact cards, stationery, adverts, posters, point-of-sales materials and direct mail, BrandSpot’s Studio offers a simple solution with accessible steps. Many standardized expressions are also supported by wizards, that will guide you as a user during the creation process. Wizards are especially suited for contact cards, posters, adverts, certificates, web banners, etc.

The Studio provides a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) view. The file is ready for printing and can be instantly ordered and distributed.



Unique features

The Studio offers numerous possibilities. Different than an independent lay-out software, our Studio is part of a fully integrated Brand Management software. This integration provides you, for example, the possibility to load images from BrandSpot’s Library (our DAM) into the Studio, of which the quality will be measured by the Studio itself.

Texts are made fitting within the text fields automatically in the Studio, and many options to insert images are provided. What if your title appears to be longer than one line after a translation? What if your image needs to be inserted on a different spot of the page? With rigid templates only very simple documents can be created and translating becomes almost impossible. We developed a very dynamic and flexible way to create marketing materials, bringing online creations to a higher level.

BrandSpot is suitable for many languages and also supports translations in languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

The “What-you-see-is-what-you-get”-editor with the “preview-, zoom-in and zoom-out” functions is one of the most appreciated features of our Studio and there isn’t anything similar within the market. Curious?

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