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What is a Studio

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The BrandSpot Studio is a complete design toolkit for creating consistent marketing and communication materials. By making use of templates all materials are consistent, of optimal quality and according to the corporate identity style.

Nowadays, having a design toolkit has become indispensable in the marketing sector. It is also called marcom toolkit or marketing toolkit. A marcom toolkit is an online application in which communication materials can be created by users who do not need to have knowledge of design software themselves. By using pre-designed templates, it is a matter of “filling boxes” for the user!

Should a user want to produce a folder, they no longer need to worry about design, page layout, placing logos or numbering pages. The user only focuses on content. In this way, the user’s time, budget and creativity will be maximized. 

 “One template for many different appliances.”

For whom is the Studio

The Studio is for anyone who wants to make communication materials in an easy and quick way. Minimum knowledge or training is required.

A marcom toolkit is the ideal link between the creation process of the designer and every other user. The Brand Manager, who designs and guards the house style, collaborates with the designer to work out different designs. The designer then creates the general design of the brochure using professional design software such as Adobe Indesign. The design is uploaded, in the case of BrandSpot, via the DesignManager. Based on this design, templates are created, so that the user only has to focus on content. By making use of the toolkit, the Brand Manager can be assured that the corporate identity style is applied correctly at minimal cost.

This makes the Studio a sought after application for organizations that often have to create new materials: school communities (study guides, signage for open days, etc.), hospitals (information folders etc.) but also companies (product sheets, customer cases, etc.) and governments.

Large and small organizations already use the Studio and, according to their own words, it is indisposable after being implemented!

Create brand expressions with the Studio

Every BrandSpot application is part of a general workflow that covers all marketing facets. The Studio is the application that takes care of the creation step within this workflow.

The Studio enables users to create, revise and translate MarCom materials quickly and easily without any technical or graphical experience. The Studio can be used for basic materials such as posters and leaflets, as well as very complex applications such as brochures and magazines.

There is also a logical workflow within the Studio. The steps within the workflow consist of logically preparing the design, creating the template, editing the marketing expression in the Studio, and publishing the new document. We explain the steps below:

Preparing the design

Under the supervision of the Brand Manager, the design is translated into a flexible and dynamic template by using the InDesign plugin (the DesignManager). At this point, it is determined which content users are allowed to change as well as the behaviour of the elements. The template is tested within BrandSpot in order to attain the correct settings and output. After the Brand Manager’s approval, the template is released and accessible to authorised users who can start working with it right away.

Editing the template

In the Studio, all communication materials are created with the help of the flexible templates. These templates include many advanced features such as automatic text fitting, optional image positions, scalable images, growing text fields and alternative layouts. The ‘What you see is what you get’ editor with ‘preview, zoom in and zoom out’ function is extremely user-friendly. During the editing, the preview is automatically refreshed so that the user always sees exactly what his or her document looks like.

Publishing the document

The Brand Manager can configure in advance that he or she receives a message when new materials are created. He/she needs to approve it before it can be published. This ensures that the Brand Manager is always aware of what materials are being created. After publishing, the new material is in the Library (DAM) so that it can be shared with colleagues or placed on the website. In addition, the document is obviously also available in the WebShop where the user can place an order directly with a printer.



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Convenience with templates

The Studio is, with its dynamic templates and many possibilities, a user-friendly and powerful application. The flexible templates in the Studio can easily be customized in style, layout and even language:

Change style

Users can easily change their style in BrandSpot. With a simple click, you can apply predefined style variations such as colour, font, logo or style. With this function, expressions can be created quickly and easily within the same template for a specific product, service or organizational unit. Always in line with the corporate identity style guidelines.

Variation with layouts

The same template can be used for multiple types of documents. Do you need a different layout for a page or do you need more or fewer pages? All predefined variants can be activated with just one click. Whichever variant is selected, every choice is in line with the corporate identity style guidelines because the design is guaranteed in the original design.

Adjust the language

The use of different languages with corresponding fonts is integrated in BrandSpot. There is support for all Western languages, multi-byte languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, as well as Cyrillic, Turkish, Thai and all Central European languages. The layout automatically adapts to the use of languages that require more or less space in a text field.

“Dynamic templates that always meet the corporate identity style guidelines”


Truly simple Wizards

Sometimes, a template can be very simple and used by many people who normally do not create communication materials. Therefore, for materials such as business cards, special wizards can be built directly instead of using templates, limiting the creation process to a just few clicks. Drop-down menus and multiple-choice questions allow you to create your business cards in no time. Business cards, posters and name cards are typical expressions that can easily be made by the employees themselves with a wizard without requiring much ‘digital’ experience.

Advantages of a design toolkit

Corporate identity style automation under control

It has never been easier to consistently implement your corporate identity style on communication materials of all shapes and sizes.

Dynamic flexible templates tailored to your needs

The templates contain all options matching your personal wishes. That way your corporate identity does not become a straitjacket.

Personalized wizards where necessary

Special wizards that limit the creation process of marketing materials to just a few clicks.

A workflow for all

Create professional communication materials without any kind of graphic knowledge within a controlled process.

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