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Communication is one of the key words belonging to a good Brand Management. Naturally, you do not only want to create your communication materials, you also want to have everything directly available at the right time, for the right people. There are a lot of communication strategies to use, of which approaching your clients personally is a very effective one. A system to organize and automatize Direct E-mail campaigns is essential as a support.

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Sharing materials easily

BrandSpot enables you to manage your Direct E-mail campaigns from one central place, the same place where the creation process occurs and where you have saved all your information. You will often want to share materials and information that you have stored on BrandSpot without having to give others access to your Brand Portal. In order to spare you the inefficiency of using your own e-mail service, we developed MarketPlace for you. MarketPlace doesn’t just offer you the possibility to approach your clients directly throughout your Brand Portal, it also enables you to lay out graphic e-mail campaigns.

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Unique possibilities of our MarketPlace

MarketPlace contains all functionalities for Direct E-mail campaigns, with which you can create new mailings, select templates, and add address lists. Texts can be edited in a user-friendly way, images are easily downloadable from BrandSpot’s Library and you can crop them as you wish. Also, it is possible to create personal e-mail campaigns and to integrate print campaigns with your print partners. These campaigns are sent both in HTML and with a text output. Receivers are, on their turn, enabled to modify their profile and they are provided with various unsubscribe options for mailings.


You choose MarketPlace as a valuable addition that enables you to send your clients an e-mail message with the use of an advanced authorization system and the flexible lay-out options of BrandSpot. Curious?

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