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What is e-mail marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most effective and cost-effective marketing strategies to deploy. The MarketPlace application of BrandSpot provides full e-mail marketing: e-mail campaigns can easily be created via the user-friendly editor, which includes templates in accordance with the corporate identity style.

“Design beautiful e-mail campaigns.”

For whom is MarketPlace

The MarketPlace is for organizations that want to activate their target groups with the help of e-mail campaigns or simply need an application to design and send beautiful newsletters, invitations and call e-mails. For the marketers, the very helpful reporting function is also present to monitor the effectiveness of the mailing.

Send lively e-mails with MarketPlace


What makes the MarketPlace exceptional compared to other e-mail marketing services is that it is integrated with other marketing automation applications. This allows you to easily design your e-mail in accordance with the corporate identity style that has already been imported into the brand portal via the templates. You determine which elements can and cannot be adjusted by users. This ensures that your corporate identity style is always guaranteed. The user also has all approved brand elements at hand. Images can be added directly from the Library to the mail created in the MarketPlace.

Get to know the MarketPlace workflow:


Create your mailing according to your corporate identity style and upload your address files. The editor allows a flexible design within the limits of your corporate identity style rules. Images are placed from the Library application. Naturally, the MarketPlace offers management of address files.


A test e-mail is sent to the user. This way you can see exactly how the e-mailing will look in the different e-mail programs. Once the e-mail test is approved, the e-mail campaign is sent to the entire mailing list. This can be in HTML as well as in text output if desired.


The reports contain all necessary statistics such as the e-mails that have been read, e-mails that have not arrived and a list of recipients that have unsubscribed. Recipients can also change their own profile or unsubscribe from the mailing as required by law.



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Easily assemble e-mail campaigns

It is very easy to create beautiful e-mail campaigns in the MarketPlace thanks to the templates. Within BrandSpot, the same user-friendly editor interface is used everywhere so users can get to work quickly. In addition, the MarketPlace offers many functions and features, we highlight a number of them:

Upload data from Excel file

Your complete mailing list can easily be loaded as an Excel file in the brand portal. No manual typing sessions, no errors in mail addresses and names.

Mail merge

Each column in the Excel file is automatically converted into variable data. You can choose where the variable will be applied in the e-mail. Every recipient receives a personalized e-mail.

Test previews

The editor enables you to see what the e-mail will look like. In addition, you can see in advance how your e-mail campaign will show in, for example, Outlook or Gmail thanks to the test mail functionality.

“Create personal newsletters with the mail merge function.”

Advantages of an e-mail marketing service

Create beautiful e-mail campaigns according to the corporate identity style

Your newsletters, invitations and call e-mails are shown beautifully and fully meet your corporate identity style thanks to the templates.

Flexible templates guarantee beautiful graphic appearance

Get the most out of design and create beautiful email campaigns based on flexible templates.

Use the most effective marketing strategy

Make e-mail marketing a priority within your marketing strategy with the easy-to-use MarketPlace.

Activate your target group with personalized content

Approach your target group with personal messages by integrating differences between variables.


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