Digital Asset Management

A Digital Asset Manager is a repository for al l digital brand assets, such as images, video’s, fonts, PDF’s, logos, design files, office documents and any other digital assets existing in your organization. Within the Digital Asset Manager, it will be determined whether an image or logo is fit to be used when creating documents. User access rights regulate who has access to certain files.

Importance of a Digital Asset Manager

Every organization has infinite brand expressions and files that need to be quickly and easily accessible to a big number of people, from colleagues to clients. Previously it was usual to share these files through a local directory structure, but lately there is great need to have all assets available everywhere and at all times. Therefore, a Digital Asset Manager is essential and will spare you the time that you used to spend unnecessarily when finding your files.



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Our Library, a unique solution

Like every Digital Asset Manager, BrandSpot’s Library makes it possible to have all brand assets stored in a central place, but the Library offers a lot more thanks to innovative features. One of these unique features is the Faceted-filter. This feature enables you to set search filters yourself that suit your organization. It is also possible to set and save your own search attributes by using the “Bookmark Search”.



BrandSpot knows a large functionality of rights and roles. This is also applied to our Digital Asset Manager. With our Library you can share (upload and download) your brand items with other internal and external users according to predefined rights. A “mass-upload”-feature enables you to upload many assets simultaneously. Its use and quality can be monitored easily just as its copyright. Also, there are dynamic permalinks guaranteeing the public documents on your website are constantly updated to their latest versions. The number of downloads offers insights on existing interests for specific items. In addition, our Digital Asset Manager provides various view options to see the items in its details. You can enlarge your items or even view them within a slideshow. The information of your files can easily be consulted and adjusted.

Thanks to our integrated Brand Management platform BrandSpot, you do not just have all advantages of a Digital Asset Manager at your disposal, but also every other tool your organization needs to make an excellent Brand Management possible.

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