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What is a Library

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The Library is the central media storage solution from BrandSpot, also known as DAM software. DAM stands for Digital Asset Management and is indispensable as a marketing tool. It is the online place where all brand items are stored, shared and managed. It is not just an image storage as it contains many more items, such as fonts, videos, design files and all types of Office documents. It contains every digital brand item from your organization.

“Organize, manage, search, find and select all your digital files.”

For whom is the


The Library is for every organization that wants to manage and share its marketing files in a structured way. User rights determine who has access to specific files and what use of the files is allowed. The user rights also ensure that the Library can be used by experienced users as well as less experienced users who only search and download a file every once in a while.

The brand manager of your organization has an overview of all files, all versions, along with their usage rights. He/she can determine which files may be used when creating new materials in the Studio. The Library is the central place to go to download the most up-to-date marketing materials. In this way, a consistent brand image is guaranteed.


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Share & manage brand items with your DAM

There are many media banks on the market, but no DAM software is alike. What really distinguishes a DAM system is the way it is integrated with other applications. With the Library it is possible to store brand expressions such as logos and fonts that meet the corporate identity style. This is possible thanks to an integration with the BrandBook, BrandSpot’s corporate identity manual. The images can also easily be inserted into a template in the Studio. Therefore, when creating new materials, users will have a large selection of approved images. It is also possible to use files directly from the Library in external applications such as a CMS, App or Social media. In this way, all your channels are always in sync and management only takes place in one place: the Library within BrandSpot.

A DAM software also stands out for its user-friendliness. Is retrieval of files easy? Is it easy to share the files? Can the brand items be displayed properly? Library organizes, shares and displays items in the following way:


Organize and arrange your brand items with our ‘Faceted filter’ functionality so that users can quickly and easily find the items they are looking for. Filters and ‘facets’ (tags) are tailored to your organization and the type of files that are uploaded. You can set and save your search properties on the basis of your own favourites (‘Bookmark Search’).


BrandSpot allows you to share brand items with other internal and external users based on predefined rights. It is also possible to share files directly on Social media. Images can be cropped in every dimension and downloaded directly. The use and quality of items can be monitored, as well as the copyright.


Selectable display options allow you to view items in detail. An item can be quickly enlarged and a selection of items can be viewed with the slide-show function. Quickly select the right items to add these to your own collection. Details and properties (tags) of items can easily be accessed and/or adjusted.


Sharing easily from within the image bank

From the Library it is possible to share brand items directly with external parties. Roles and rights determine which items can be shared by the different user groups within BrandSpot. A clear notification when copyright applies to a picture prevents your employees from accidentally posting images that are not allowed to be used.


Share your assets directly via an e-mail with a download link. Target groups without login will be able to download the image or any other file immediately.


Dynamic permalinks guarantee that the latest version of an item is always on your website. The number of downloads provides insight into the interest for the specific item.

Social media

Post your documents, online creations or images directly on your own Social Media channels. There is standard support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

“Share online with external target groups.”

Advantages of a DAM system

All your materials in one central location

An overview of all available images, documents and other files. One source that all your employees and channels draw from.

Anywhere available online

Everyone at your organization can easily access the materials regardless of location. The user rights guarantee that you only see items that you are allowed to see.

Locate your brand items in an instant

Find the items easily and quickly thanks to the extensive search filters and custom-designed properties (tagging).

Control over quality and use of items

The Library not only measures the quality of images but also keeps track of how often brand items are used. Library also oversees the copyright and makes downloaders aware of these limitations.

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