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Creating corporate styles and applied designs for different expressions is a unique and complicated process that often needs to be supported by an external application such as InDesign, Adobe. Thanks to the DesignManager, it is possible to integrate your InDesign Templates directly within BrandSpot. Designers can efficiently create templates in InDesign first with a product they are familiar with like Adobe, to transform these into dynamic templates within BrandSpot later. Your people can work on it without you having to monitor them constantly: BrandSpot’s DesignManager will make sure that all corporate style guidelines predefined by you will be respected.



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Our DesignManager

Our DesignManager is completely arranged to make optimal use of Adobe InDesign. In order to integrate your InDesign brochure templates to the best, you will have different versions of the Designmanager to choose from to find the one that fits your needs: the Standard DesignManager supports all functions to create beautiful templates according your corporate style. The Professional DesignManager contains, in addition, a couple of powerful features to perform repetitive tasks and analyze the consistency of design templates. It also offers the possibility to link to different BrandSpot Portals. BrandSpot’s DesignManager is both suitable for Windows and Apple Mac.



The BrandSpot DesignManager provides numerous possibilities to adapt your InDesign templates to various solutions, such as texts that will automatically adjust to the text field while maintaining a consistent look. Only one example of the endless options and functions of our DesignManager to create maximum flexibility while respecting the corporate style rules.

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