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What is a DesignManager


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The DesignManager is the Adobe InDesign plug-in for BrandSpot. With the DesignManager, designers can efficiently create templates in their own familiar InDesign environment. The designer can use the unique plug-in to translate a static InDesign file into a dynamic template. The DesignManager enables designers to establish exactly which flexibility is allowed so that the brand identity is optimally reflected without limiting the user in her/his creativity. Thanks to a seamless integration between Adobe InDesign and BrandSpot, the template can be uploaded directly to BrandSpot. A very efficient process to have users quickly get started with the new template.

“DesignManager: the bridge that links Adobe Indesign with the brand portal”

For whom is the DesignManager

The DesignManager has been specially developed for graphic experts, in other words for designers. Designers are used to working within Adobe InDesign and are completely at home within this program. Due to a plug-in within this application, the learning curve is minimal. In addition, the ‘upload to BrandSpot’ function ensures that the template can be used in no-time by users.

No complicated software solution or extra programming work is needed to convert the design to another format such as HTML. As a result, there are no ‘translation’ problems when converting the design to a template: the very design is in-fact the template.


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Define: from design to creation with the DesignManager


With BrandSpot, designers can efficiently design templates within Adobe InDesign. These flexible templates ensure full compliance with the corporate identity style guidelines by the end users. The workflow starts with the designer who, in consultation with the Brand Manager, designs templates in Adobe InDesign based on the corporate identity style. With the aid of the DesignManager the flexibility is added and the template is uploaded to BrandSpot. After uploading and releasing the template for user groups, it is available in the Studio. We show you all the steps:

Creating the design in Adobe InDesign

The brand manager passes on his/her wishes to the designer, after which he/she can start to work within his/her trusted design software, Adobe InDesign. The design can be created just as the designer is used to do.

Add flexibility

When the design is ready, the designer can get started with the DesignManager. Here, the designer can determine the flexibility of every element and indicate whether there are page variants. For example, the designer can indicate if a text box can be changed or not, whether it is fixed or comes with flex options and many other possibilities.

Upload and prepare

The new template is uploaded to BrandSpot via the DesignManager. In the admin area of ​​the Studio, the template can be tested by the Brand Manager. If everything is okay, the authorization system makes it possible to establish who can use the new template in the Studio.

“Define, integrate and automate the design into flexible dynamic templates.”

Establish your corporate identity with flexible options

The templates become really dynamic within the DesignManager. With the so-called flex options, text boxes and image fields can be given the property to grow along with a text or an image or even jump in position. Discover the different options:

Content Flex

To make texts fit into a text field, the size of the font or text box is automatically increased or decreased. This functionality is based on the different aspects of text styling. The boundaries and priorities are preset in order to maintain a consistent look & feel.


Object Flex

The appearance, position and format of a text or image field can adapt to the content in question. Depending on the length of a text or the size of an image, the size and position of the field will change automatically. When a field does not contain any content, the field can even become invisible.

Reference Flex

The appearance of a text or image field may change if a related field contains content or not. If fields are related to each other, this means that the format of one field affects the format and/or the position of the other. If the related field contains no content at all, the field cannot even be seen.

“Working in the familiar design environment of Adobe Indesign”

Advantages of a plug-in for Adobe InDesign

Optimal flexibility, yet within corporate identity style rules

The many so-called “flex” possibilities make the design process creative and versatile without the design exceeding the limits of the corporate identity style.

Create your own templates

Graphically trained people within your organization can create the templates themselves and place them in BrandSpot.

Direct integration with Adobe InDesign

No hassle with exports, conversions or programming work. The Adobe InDesign template can be loaded directly into the DesignManager.

Designers can work in Adobe InDesign

Designers can work in software familiar to them. No loss of time in learning new software.


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