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What is a corporate identity style guide

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A corporate identity style guide contains all information about your brand identity. The BrandBook describes the DNA of the brand, such as the style rules and elements and the way in which they should be applied. It gives direction to the way your brand presents itself in all brand touch points.

It inspires your people and informs them why a consistent brand image helps to stay ahead as an organization.

“Increase the brand experience: make your corporate identity guidelines clear and explicit.

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Every organization presents itself in a certain way, under the name of a brand. That is why the BrandBook is for every organization that wants to position its brand in a strong way. It ensures uniformity and offers clear corporate identity guidelines for all marketing and communication expressions of your organization.

Inform, connect and motivate with BrandBook


A BrandBook is an essential element in the realization of your brand strategy. Brand consistency is one of the most important characteristics of an organization: your target group will be accustomed to the tone and value of your brand.

Manually implementing your corporate identity is almost impossible. There are still organizations that manually add their logo and adjust the font, but this can easily go wrong. A thoughtful corporate style with a good corporate identity manual and user-friendly tooling is the best solution. We will show you all the steps to take for your corporate identity style:

Determine the vision and style of your brand

The content of the BrandBook is often worked out together with your creative agency. In collaboration with the creative agency, you let your brand come to life in a visual style that fits your organization, as well as your vision and logo. The new style will be reflected in all your communication and must be carefully prepared.

Your corporate identity guidelines in BrandBook

In the BrandBook you define the values of your brand and you explain how the brand should be applied. It is also the place where you set up all practical brand elements such as fonts, colour palettes and logos. Any user can download all relevant and up-to-date elements directly from the BrandBook.

Apply your corporate identity in BrandSpot

With the completed BrandBook in the portal, you can now focus on informing and facilitating your people so that they can easily apply the style of the brand. Interactive links do not only refer your people to downloads but also to practical tools such as the Studio to make their own expressions there.

“Strive for brand consistency”


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A clear corporate identity style thanks to practical tools

BrandSpot contains practical tools to make it as easy as possible for your people to apply the corporate identity. The BrandBook clearly communicates how your brand should be used in communication. But above all, BrandSpot simplifies complexity by offering flexible templates.

Integration with Library

As the BrandBook is integrated with the Library, the brand elements only need to be managed in one place. For example, when a logo is updated, the new version of the logo will be immediately available in the BrandBook as well. This facilitates managing materials and strengthens the consistency of your brand.

Standard elements

The BrandBook offers all kinds of useful ready-to-use content blocks that apply to every corporate identity manual. Think of easily communicating fonts, colours, images, code snippets and logos. No external creative agency is required to create or update the BrandBook.

Externally available

In addition to making the BrandBook available within BrandSpot, it is also possible to make the corporate identity manual externally available as a responsive website. People can enter BrandBook directly without a login for BrandSpot. This is especially useful when you work with many different agencies.

“Effortlessly apply your brand identity to all communication materials.”

Advantages of a corporate identity style guide


Your brand stands stronger than ever before

One central place to find everything that has to do with your brand. All files and tools are available to get started with your brand right away.


With the BrandBook you are in control of the content in your corporate identity style guide. Creating, updating or adding information is very easy due to inline editing possibilities.

Standard elements

Because of the many standard corporate style elements available, you can have a nice BrandBook online without any programming knowledge.

Bridge the geographic spread of your organization

Never again will your brand expressions look differently in different locations: everyone designs in BrandSpot and prints at the same supplier.

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