Inspire your organization


Inspire, inform and motivate your organization about your brand and its unique values and promises. BrandSpot’s BrandBook facilitates adherence to corporate style guidelines to your geographically distributed teams.

The BrandBook is an essential part of your brand strategy:

  • To share guidelines with your employees and agencies
  • To control and validate new design projects on correct use of brand elements such as fonts, logos and colors
  • To quickly find the right logo for use in different media
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Find, share and manage assets


The BrandSpot suite is a central place for all your brand assets. The Library, our Digital Asset Manager, offers upload and download possibilities.

The Library allows you to:

  • Organize, gather and manage brand assets such as images, PDF-files, brochures, multimedia files etc.
  • Share, search, sort, filter, find and retrieve brand assets
  • Synchronize brand assets with your website
  • Assign different approval workflows to keep control over your publication and orders to safeguard your corporate style and budget.
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Smoothly create new materials


By using dynamic templates created according to your corporate style guidelines with the in InDesign Plug-in of DesignManager, BrandSpot supports the creation of marketing materials in various languages efficiently and in a cost effective way.

The Studio makes it possible:

  • To create, edit and publish marketing materials yourself
  • To create translation of your marketing material and to automatize the translation process
  • To create personalized campaigns with variable data for 1-to-1 marketing
  • To approve documents.
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“The flexibility of the templates has made it
possible to implement a rapid change in the visual identity”
Claudia van de Heg, Marketing Specialist Collateral Tools, Infor


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Distribute and order


BrandSpot provides a fully integrated WebShop for marketing materials and merchandise using your supplier network. The WebShop is seamlessly integrated with the Studio. When you publish marketing materials it will, after approval, automatically be available in the WebShop. BrandSpot is independent from any print supplier and you have control over print and budgets.

The WebShop allows you to:

  • Distribute marketing material via multiple channels
  • Order marketing material through a worldwide print network
  • Control you budget
  • Approve orders
  • Assign different approval workflows to keep control over your orders to safeguard your corporate style and budget.
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Create dynamic templates yourself


Bridge the gap between design and branded materials. We know that the availability of corporate guidelines is simply not enough for a consistent brand expression. Our Template Designer, a Plugin application for InDesign, allows you to define brand guidelines in flexible templates and automate the way they should be applied.

The designer of the template determines the correct use of your guidelines:

  • The designer determines what is allowed in the use of the template within the corporate style guidelines, such as styles or automatic scaling of text.
  • The designer can create alternative pages from which the user can choose.
  • The designer can make the number of pages of the document variable.
  • The designer can define style sheets in case the corporate style uses different fonts or color schemes for departments, business units or faculties.
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Activate your audience


BrandSpot allows your employees to create and configure variable data campaigns themselves such as invitations, reminder cards or DM campaigns. A user friendly interface with clear steps, will direct you to a perfect end result in print, e-mail or online.

BrandSpot allows you to:

  • Prepare every template for variable data and mail merge
  • Upload an excel file with your (customer)data
  • Receive a proofing file for approval
  • Place an order at your own print supplier
  • Send an e-mail campaign or a newsletter
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“We are very pleased with BrandSpot. We finally have control over
the complex process to keep the manuals in many different
languages up-to-date and rapidly available.”
Edwin Paul Wichert,
Director Operations DRU

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BrandSpot enables your marketing organization to be more creative, more efficient and more productive. It meets your company’s needs by acting as a standardized, scalable, configurable and independent brand services portal for Brand Resource Management. You’ll speed up the time-to-market and reduce your costs. Above all, you’ll achieve a consistent brand expression and manage content for multiple media and channels.

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