Social Media Sharing

Many companies are using disconnected digital asset management solutions offering only uploading and downloading possibilities. BrandSpot already offers the possibility to not only manage your assets centrally, but also to create branded marketing material and make them available on your website through permalinks. With the addition of the Social Media module, BrandSpot now offers the possibility to share images, campaigns and documents on Social Media.

Assets in the Library can be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. We have also added a share button that allows to share assets via your e-mail. By selecting an asset and clicking on the relevant share link, BrandSpot will navigate to your social media site and will allow you to add a comment  Your social media network will be able to view your posting and if needed, can download the file directly from the BrandSpot landing page. BrandSpot keeps track of your downloads and will present a comprehensive report.

BrandSpot allows you to manage, create and share assets from one central platform in a consistent and centrally managed fashion.

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