Political party SGP renews corporate style successfully

The SGP, a Dutch political party, has been able to construct a clear and recognizable identity over the years: SGP in the Netherlands is strongly associated with the colors blue and orange, their identity colors.

What happens, however, when a party wants to renew its corporate style without losing its recognizable identity? This is a hard task, but SGP succeeded in combining innovation and recognizability perfectly. On 15 January 2016, SGP presented its new corporate style. Political party leader Kees van der Staaij is very pleased with the new design: “The new corporate style has a friendly, contemporary freshness, that fits our party. Naturally, we keep using our trusted colors orange and blue.”

The next step was the implementation of the new corporate style, which can be a very complicated process. For a political party this means, to name a few examples, replacing all posters, as well as banners, flyers, postcards, invitation letters, registration forms, stationery items and more. In addition, this has to be done on national scale.

This is where Cordeo comes in. BrandSpot is the brand management software that SGP has used to lean on, just like with the previous corporate style. The brand portal has been organized and implemented with the new SGP corporate style. This has been possible because of a constructive collaboration between Cordeo, the SGP team, Drukkerij de Groot (print partner of SGP) and communication and advertising agency V1 Communicatie.

The SGP brand portal enables authorized, both central and decentral users of the SGP corporate style to create, order and distribute on and offline consistently branded communication and campaign materials. Dynamic and flexible templates provide the basis for this within the creation application Studio. Obviously, the sophisticated digital asset manager application Library and the order application WebShop are also integrated within the portal. The usability of this brand management software makes it possible for users to work with the brand portal without any training.

SGP did not only succeed in updating their style without losing its recognizable image: also a consistent use of the new SGP corporate style is guaranteed at all times.

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