The secret ingredient: ease - thanks to integration with digital printer RPI Europe

At Cordeo, we know how valuable integrations and partnerships are. One of those partnerships that make us and our clients happy, is our partnership with RPI Europe. RPI started as a commercial printer in 1979 and has grown into a worldwide printing network over the years, including the establishment in Eindhoven, which is particularly of importance to us. One of their mottos is: “We are the secret ingredient to the success of your organization.” We, at Cordeo, cannot but agree: even as an integration within BrandSpot, RPI Europe could be considered to be a secret ingredient.

A pleasant surprise: one step away from international connection

That RPI Europe can be considered as a secret ingredient, is certainly not just a saying. For many of our customers, RPI Europe truly arrives like a pleasant surprise. Why?

Whenever an organization decides to acquire a brand portal to optimize its creation process of marketing materials, it is not unusual that this organization has to find both a brand portal and a local print supplier fitting its needs. This means a double research is taking place.

What is the ideal brand management software? Where to find the ideal print supplier, and is it in the neighbourhood? Often, these are two separate choices to be made. Some of our clients already had a partnership with a print supplier when they opted for BrandSpot. However, many clients were pleasantly surprised when they heard about the existing integration between BrandSpot and RPI Europe: acquiring BrandSpot meant gaining access to an excellent digital printer in the Netherlands, and potentially worldwide, at the same time.

About RPI Europe

Time to give the word to RPI Europe. We ask Björn van Hamond, Sales&MarCom Manager of RPI Europe some questions.

Where does RPI have its establishments and where does it deliver?

“RPI delivers personalized print services for companies all over the world. From our establishment in Eindhoven alone, we deliver to more than 100 countries. We have three subsidiaries of our own in the United States and in Europe. We also work with partner organizations wherever we do not have our own factory (in Australia, for example). Our headquarter resides in Seattle, with another production location in Atlanta and, of course, in Eindhoven. We have been part of the RPI family (which stands for Reischling Press Incorporated) since 2010. Before 2010 we operated as an independent company named Paro, which existed ever since the thirties.”

How does the production process develop from RPI Europe’s side?

“You could rather consider RPI as a sort of black box to which you can send a printable file (PDF) with its accessory order information (XML). This is enabled throughout a digital connection (API). As such, we receive thousands and thousands completely automated orders daily, non-stop. Fortunately, everything is automatically made ready for production too. According to agreements we manufacture the products and send them to the right address throughout one of our distributors. We send status updates whenever orders have been sent and  received with eventual tracking information.”

Which advantages does RPI Europe offer?

“Something our customers let us know often, is that they hugely value our working method, our international solution, scalability and diversity of possibilities. We approach collaboration less throughout a client-supplier perspective and more in the form of a partnership, because together you can take things further. We focus strongly on quality and reliability of our deliveries and we try our best every single day to earn this built-up trust of our customers. We also work for many (online) suppliers of photoproducts (photo books, photo cards, calendars, etc.) and they truly appreciate the fact that we are a White label. These products are being sent under the suppliers’ brand so we are no competitor of our own customers.”

How does RPI Europe experience its collaboration with Cordeo?

“In the meantime, we have been working with Cordeo for six years. A collaboration which we experience as very pleasant, built upon trust. Also in this case “together you can take things further” applies. Our services enforce one another, the Cordeo team is enthusiastic and has the drive to go the extra mile. The most important ingredients to make a difference!”

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