Photo sharing across the organization

Case: Vitens

Vitens consist of more than 1400 people who feel connected by a passion for water. They are constantly working on the extraction, purification and supply of drinking water of the best quality. Because they know, 5,5 million people rely blindly on them. Cordeo delivers the image library.

The challenge

  • Get rid of local folder structure
  • Make images transparent and available to the entire organization
  • Ensure photographs are easy to find
  • Share images with external parties
  • Provide access for photographers.

Manon Adema
+31 38 466 9420

The Solution

Cordeo has implemented the BrandSpot library. Many thousands of photos are clearly arranged, and easy to find through innovative search and filter functions. Photographers are able to upload many pictures at the same time, and make them available for the entire organization. By so-called permalinks, the photos can be shared with external parties without a login for the library. BrandSpot offers, besides the original in high resolution, also different download formats for web and office printers.


  • Central management of photo materials
  • Access to photos for the entire organization, based on rights
  • Mass upload possibilities for users and photographers
  • Share photos with external parties by using permalinks


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