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Case: University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

The University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) offers 107 different studies to almost 40.000 students, making it one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. The University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has a clear positioning and is trendsetting in using digital techniques. For branding consistency and to embrace the latest developments, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has chosen the Cordeo publication platform in 2010.

“The advantages were shown in the first year. We produced all bachelor brochures through the portal and our time to market has been cut in half. We have also saved a lot of money.” Ingmar Volmer, Marketing Manager University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

The Challenge

  • To improve efficiency in creating publications within a complex organization with many faculties and a wide a large range of informative materials
  • Safeguard the correct use of the visual identity to have a recognizable image when reaching out to their target groups
  • Faster time-to-market of their bachelor brochures
  • Use internal hours more efficiently.

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Our Solution

The publication platform based on BrandSpot offers the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht a Digital Asset Manager to manage and share photos, logos and other files. Faculties are able to produce marketing materials themselves based on very flexible templates that secure the corporate style. Many bachelor brochures, leaflets, invitations, factsheets, flyers, signage and international studies brochures have been produced. The ordering system offers the University of Applied Sciences the opportunity to control the printing activities of the different faculties and locations.


  • In the first year efficiency has been improved considerably
  • The cost reduction accomplished by not having to outsource the DTP work alone has earned back the investment in the publication platform in the first year
  • The house style is applied more consistently
  • Users can register to automatically receive an email to be informed of new publications
  • The publication platform automatically links newly published brochures to the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht its website. This has reduced the need for website maintenance. Every latest edition is available immediately for downloading
  • Since the start of the project significant savings have been realized.

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“The BrandSpot platform has made the work in our department
more structured and efficient. With huge savings as a result”.

Rhea Hermans, Marketing Communicatie Manager




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