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Case: DRU

DRU was founded in 1754, and is one of the oldest Dutch companies. The company became famous by producing cast iron pots and pans. Later they made the switch to stoves. Since the discovery of natural gas in Slochteren, DRU has specialized in the development and production of a wide range of gas heating devices. Meanwhile, DRU offers a leading program of the most beautiful fireplaces and stoves. BrandSpot takes care of the manuals.

The challenge

  • Improve the creation process of multilingual user, installation and product manuals
  • Take care of more control and grip on the many versions
  • Make a quick implementation of changes possible
  • Facilitate print-on-demand.

Manon Adema
+31 38 466 9420

Our solution

Based on highly flexible templates with a variable amount of pages, BrandSpot enables DRU to create and manage hundreds of manuals for their total product program, in ten different languages. To increase the flexibility, a couple of pre-defined ‘alternative pages’ are linked to the templates. Per page can be chosen from some alternatives when the content of the corresponding page does not  fit into the defined design. Frequent changes can be made at the same time in several manuals. Orders are placed directly in the WebShop, and will be produced on-demand.


  • Control over the content at DRU instead of external advertising agencies
  • Versioning provides insight into the version history
  • Quick implementation of changes in several manuals at the same time
  • Drastic improvement of synchronize the many language versions
  • Lower costs in a very efficient process.

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“We are very pleased with BrandSpot.
We finally have control over the complex process to keep the manuals
in many different languages up-to-date and rapidly available.”



Edwin Paul Wichert, Director Operations DRU




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