Pooling Partners chooses BrandSpot

Who? Pooling Partners. A Dutch family business (with about 800 employees!) that focuses on integrated, full-service pooling services and production of wooden pallets and crates.
Interesting? Yes! Product and service may not be hip and sexy, but with a focus on high quality and durability the result is amazing: the market leader in Europe.
Recognizable? Yes again. Just like you, this company is constantly working on improving and optimizing processes. Because in the logistics, circular economy of pallets it is all about efficiency.

It’s all about efficiency

And that’s exactly why Pooling Partners chooses the deployment of BrandSpot. With BrandSpot Pooling Partners has chosen the best Brand Management Software to simplify and accelerate the operational marketing process, as well as make it more sustainable. One of the results? Efficiency.

Mirjam Soeterbroek, Group Marketing & Comms Manager a.i. : “Efficiency is our focus. For our customers, they reduce costs with our smart logistical solutions, but certainly for ourselves. We are a company with ambitions. To realize our ambitions, we have put a number of challenges in the field of marketing and communication in a row. In search of a solution, resulting in an efficient operational process.

The need for a brand portal to realize the ambitions of Pooling Partners was clear. Mirjam: ‘One of the biggest challenges we faced was the alignment of the marketing activities of our domestic and foreign offices. And of course the cost of all the different and sometimes non-reinforcing activities together. Where to start?’

After careful analysis of all the wishes, needs and requirements, Cordeo’s software solution BrandSpot turned out to be the best brand portal for Pooling Partners: proven software, and very user-friendly.

‘Not only are we with BrandSpot assured of consistent and recognizable marketing and communications, we also save a lot of marketing costs. Now we facilitate our employees in different countries to create, manage and order the expressions themselves. Everything within the corporate identity. And our foreign language colleagues, who are not marketing professionals, find it easy and fun too.’

Pooling Partners is convinced of BrandSpot. Not just for now but also for the future. ‘We are satisfied. The phased implementation expired expected and in a very pleasant cooperation. First, we have brought together all the pictures from the whole company in BrandSpot. Now we steadily expand our range of templates for communication, which colleagues can use to create their marketing materials. Moreover, we have all the marketing documents such as instructions, corporate identity and addresses always up-to-date on one place.’

‘With BrandSpot we bring efficiency by consistency, cost savings and convenience to our operational marketing processes’, says Mirjam Soeterbroek

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