Political parties SGP and CU use flexible templates for municipal elections

It is more than obvious that politics are paired with campaign materials. No other thing needs as much promotion materials as an election campaign. A huge amount of posters and flyers need to be printed and lots of banners and postcards need to be created.

Ever since 2013, SGP (Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij, Political Reformed Party) has been using BrandSpot to make this possible in a fast and efficient way. SGP saves all its image materials, such as logos and photos, within the Library. These materials can be used in the Studio to create campaign materials. There are several pre-customized templates in the Studio in which a SGP member can easily insert the desired photo. In the templates’ text boxes he/she can provide the needed information. Every flyer, for example, is automatically being provided with a logo and the right font. Thanks to the WebShop, all materials can be directly ordered from the print supplier.

For national campaigns, this is what the general workflow looks like. Everything is being managed on one online location (BrandSpot). What happens, however, during local campaigns, when every municipality wants to insert local-specific information into their campaign materials?

Central management for decentralized use: templates for municipal elections

In March 2018, municipal elections in 388 Dutch municipalities will be held. This means that many different materials need to be created: every banner needs to be printed with different city names and election posters need to show different election candidates depending on the municipality.

Most political parties do dispose of a digital asset manager, an online storage place for all images and documents, but often that is about it. The creation of materials in an autonomous way is not being facilitated with the consequence of party leaders having to rig up their materials by themselves and print them at the local printer. In addition, it is impossible to keep control over the overall quality and the correct application of the corporate identity style.

A brand management solution such as BrandSpot can provide control over the whole process: from creation; to printer; to a fast delivery at the order address.

One template that does what it should do

Cordeo built special templates for SGP in which specific parts can be adjusted, while other parts are permanent. The BrandSpot-user searches the templates for the type of material he/she wants to produce in the Studio. By clicking on the template, he/she will automatically enter the Editor in which only those text and image boxes can be edited that are meant to communicate local themes and election candidates. In the blink of an eye, every municipality is able to dispose of professional communication materials with the right message.

In a couple of municipalities, the SGP and political party CU (ChristenUnie) opted for a collaboration. Therefore, templates were designed for campaign materials in a collective SGP-CU style. As such, local SGP departments, and in some municipalities in collaboration with ChirstenUnie as well, are enabled to create the following specific expressions on a local scale:

  • Posters in various formats
  • Flyers
  • Brochures with a variable number of pages
  • Banners
  • Rollup banners
  • Postcards
  • Door hangers
  • Quartets card game

For SGP this results in peace-of-mind, more attention for content, grip on visual image and savings on lay-out costs. Why choose the hard way if it can be that simple?

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