20 June 2015

Social Media Sharing

Many companies are using disconnected digital asset management solutions offering only uploading and downloading possibilities. BrandSpot already offers the possibility to not only manage your assets centrally, but also to create branded marketing material and make them available on your website through permalinks. With the addition of the Social Media module, BrandSpot now offers the […]

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11 June 2015

Tacton Systems AB launches brand services portal BrandSpot

Tacton Systems AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, has recently launched BrandSpot to support its international marketing and reseller network. Says Anders Ekman, Senior Vice President Marketing of Tacton Systems AB: “We are growing fast internationally and we needed a marketing portal to manage our international expansion. BrandSpot is one of the best integrated solutions to […]

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17 March 2015

Safety First Association (SFA) / Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) chooses Cordeo’s BrandSpot!

SFA is thé assocation – for more than 80 years – working on road safety in the Netherlands. Everyone participates in traffic, everyone wants safe traffic. SFA seeks to inspire, stimulate and actively involve as many people and organizations as possible. José de Jong, spokesperson at SFA: “VVN was looking for one image database, because […]

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04 March 2015

Van Dorp Installaties chooses BrandSpot!

Van Dorp Installaties is a progressive and innovative installation company with 13 offices across the Netherlands. By choosing BrandSpot, Van Dorp Installaties has chosen for the solution for consistency in all marketing and communication materials. From advertisements, flyers, brochures, reference cards and business cards, to the staff magazine. All created, managed and ordered with BrandSpot.  “With […]

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02 February 2015

Cordeo interview Marketing tribune

  Marketing tribune interviews Cyril Reijnen. You can read the interview below (Dutch):   Cordeo, actief in Brand Resources Management, biedt organisaties met in the cloud-oplossing BrandSpot, één geïntegreerd platform dat alle functionaliteit biedt om merkuitingen te creëren, beheren, bestellen en on- en offline uit te serveren via verschillende mediakanalen. Wij spreken Cyril Reijnen, Managing […]

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03 October 2013

Dutch Political Party SGP chooses Cordeo’s Brand Portal

In March 2014, elections will take place for all Dutch Town councils. The SGP party supports all constituencies with their local campaigns by providing an online Brand Portal to create all kinds of campaign material. Local constituencies have access to stationary, envelopes and business cards, but also to many types of election posters, flyers, banners […]

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03 June 2012

Dutch Red Cross chooses Cordeo solution

The Dutch Red Cross is supported by more than 33.000 volunteers, spread all over the Netherlands. The organization was beside an image library looking for a solution to support their local departments in the country with communication materials. The Dutch Red Cross has chosen for the online solution XLdoc of Cordeo en De Groot Drukkerij, […]

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03 October 2011

Dutch State Lottery starts promotion campaigns

Tickets for the Dutch State Lottery are sold by many resellers. The Dutch State Lottery now offers promotion campaigns through the publication platform of Cordeo. The regional account managers and resellers determine together which campaign to run and the region managers fill out campaign data such as promotion period and address information and select a […]

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