MarketPlace: send vibrant e-mail campaigns

MarketPlace is a new application to activate your audiences. MarketPlace includes all functionalities for direct e-mail marketing campaigns, now fully integrated into BrandSpot. The marketer has the possibility to create new e-mail campaigns, select templates, add address lists and to edit text in a user friendly way, upload pictures and crop from the Library/DAM. For recipients, the solution contains unsubscribe options to campaigns and the ability to customize their own profile. A test e-mail can be sent. Email campaigns are being sent in HTML and text output and usage statistics such as e-mail read, bounces, unsubscribes, are made available as an online report and csv download.

MarketPlace is a valuable addition for BrandSpot customers who want their users to send email campaigns while using the advanced authorization system and flexible formatting options of Cordeo. The editor in the MarketPlace application offers the same user experience as the editor in the Studio. Combined with the existing Direct Mail module, Marketplace is the solution to activate your audiences with personalized e-mails and with traditional variable data print. For Cordeo this is a further step with multichannel marketing.

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