La Place chooses BrandSpot

Our clients are a source of inspiration and they challenge us time and again to find new solutions. So did La Place, a Dutch foodservice company known for its 100% natural, fresh and homemade products (also internationally).

At first, they got to know our standardized Brand Management software, of which they mostly made use of the Library. The Library, one of the applications within BrandSpot, is a user-friendly Digital Asset Manager (DAM) that enables to manage and share digital files. La Place has been able to upload thousands of pictures instantly. These are being used intensively when designing for example web banners, posters, flyers and even coffee vouchers.

Our real challenge started when La Place notified to need shelf tickets. In response, we are developing a “Shelf ticket-wizard” especially for them. We do this together with our partner Printman, who provides all output for La Place. With the “Shelf ticket-wizard”, La Place employees can easily change prices, insert special offers and add new names of dishes to the shelf tickets. In order to make them ready to print, the wizard will make sure the shelf tickets are being organized by commercial group and measures. We hope to extend the collaboration with La Place and Printman until many years ahead and we are looking forward to the moment La Place will be serving us a new challenge. Or a delicious cup of soup of course!

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