Just-In-Time production of manuals thanks to integration BrandSpot and Glovia ERP

DRU, specialist in heating appliances and stoves, recently made the transition to a unit production method. Gas fires are now produced per order, instead of in large batches. This enables DRU to keep their clients’ specific wishes even more into account.

Every order is managed separately. The desired gas fire will be custom-made and delivered. Also, user and installation manuals can be delivered per order: it is now possible to just add language-specific manuals according to the country where the order was placed, instead of adding manuals in all languages. This, of course, leads to huge cost savings. DRU’s wish is to automatize the whole process.

The solution of BrandSpot

DRU has been managing and creating user manuals in a huge variety of languages within BrandSpot for many years. To optimize the unit production method, BrandSpot has been supplied with an integration with Glovia, the ERP system used by DRU. This ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning, watch video below for more information) sends all information, such as producttype and country of delivery, directly to BrandSpot. A product number and the country of delivery is enough for BrandSpot to understand which manuals should be printed and an order is placed instantly at the local printing partner. The printing partner ensures to make the manuals available at the right time during the production process so they can be added to the product.


  • Decrease in costs by adding only manuals according to the specific language area
  • Eliminating trafficking costs because of a wholly integrated and automatized process
  • Whenever changes are made in the manual, BrandSpot ensures to add the last updated version to the product
  • No stock-carrying costs and never having to throw away outdated manuals

BrandSpot and ERP systems

For DRU, the new integration is extremely convenient. An integration between BrandSpot and an ERP system like Glovia, enables the production and marketing processes to complement each other whenever needed. The case of user manuals proofs how useful integrations can be for marketing software.

Take a look at the video below to find out how Glovia works:

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