Cordeo, the start: back to 2001

In the late nineties, when Willem Stalknecht and Cyril Reijnen went on a business trip for the company they both worked for, they had never expected that they would have been celebrating their company’s birthday in 2016. But that is exactly how it is: Cordeo celebrates its 15th birthday already!

More than 15 years ago, the first ideas came to mind in a roadside restaurant in Germany. the combination of Willem’s background in mechanical engineering and ICT and Cyril’s background in marketing and communication turned a plain lunch into a fertile ground for inspiration.

What was this exchange of ideas about? At the start of the new millennium, the situation was obviously very different from now. Cloud-based portals were in its infancy: in March 2001, the world only counted 458 million internet users (approximately 7,6% of the world population). Also, the needs of the marketing world were very distant from those of today.

The idea of starting Cordeo arized mostly from a persistent problem the marketing industry repeatedly seemed to deal with. The traditional production and distribution workflow seemed to limit many dynamic companies. Companies produced huge amounts of print material of which often at least 75% contained obsolete data. Off set production and the enormous supply of marketing materials was especially exhaustive for organizations with a constantly changing product range. Furthermore, international companies had to cope with the need of various translations of their material.

With Cordeo, Cyril and Willem hoped to offer a solution. When they started Cordeo in 2001 from their living room, the focus was entirely set on printing. They invented the “publish-on-demand” concept: how do you postpone the moment of publication as much as possible, and how do you produce only the amount of documents you instantly need?

XLdoc, the precursor of the current brand portal BrandSpot, was the first software to be developed as a solution. By optimizing the layout and by producing  documents only throughout a short-run digital print needed in the specific issue, Cordeo had been able to assure a faster time to market and more relevant documents with current information.

In 2016, Cordeo is still up-to-date: with more than 3,4 milliard of internet users and the rapid boom of social media and e-mail, Cordeo has gradually changed the focus. From offering a solution mainly centered on the online creation of printing materials, Cordeo now offers a complete solution ready to serve messages through many channels. With BrandSpot, Cordeo offers a fully integrated, multi-channel solution with which the possibilities are endless!

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