Gruitpoort creates branding materials with BrandSpot

“Gruitpoort” is a cultural organisation in Doetinchem and a breeding place for creativity. With cinema, theater and other events, Gruitpoort stimulates and manages many of the cultural and social initiatives within its region. For many years, Gruitpoort has been using BrandSpot for the creation of many different branding materials, such as monthly calendars, posters and many different types of flyers, all within the borders of Gruitpoort’s creative corporate identity.

According to John von der Linden of Gruitpoort, BrandSpot is being experienced as a very user-friendly brand management portal. Gruitpoort collaborates with dozens of volunteers who can easily make branding materials without any sort of training. The fact that BrandSpot is web-based is another feature adding up to the advantages. Volunteers are able to work at home in this brand management portal.

“We often deal with last-minute changes in our materials. Before, the bottleneck would always be our designer. Now, we can manage these changes by ourselves, in a fast and efficient way.”, states John von der Linden. “Cropping and placing images is also a very easy task.”

It is very usual to have a certain amount of rush in the process of creating and producing materials like calendars, posters and flyers. This is why Gruitpoort is very pleased about the integration with their local print supplier, Printing Partners. Throughout the WebShop, Gruitpoort is able to order their materials at Printing Partners. “Trustworthiness is very important to us. We made good agreements with Printing Partners and they always deliver our materials timely.”

The advantages that Gruitpoort has experienced during the past years with BrandSpot have especially to do with the efficiency of the process. A good structure of the creation and approval process of the branded materials, which BrandSpot guarantees, offers grip to all volunteers and assures speed. A nice “side-effect” is the fact that less costs are being made at the advertising agency, which has led to a fair financial saving.

Have a look at the video to have a clear idea of how Gruitpoort manages its branding materials:

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