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For whom is Cordeo?

An individual solution for each organization

Every organization is different. Everybody makes different content and communicates. Our brand portal consists of several tools. You only use the parts that make a difference for you. Moreover you create, distribute and manage the expressions that fit your communication strategy and brand identity.

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Who are you?


As an educational organization you would like to communicate with (potential) students and staff. Every year a new brochure related to your corporate identity, roll banners, posters and so on.

Government organizations

Communicate clearly and consistently with citizens, businesses and other relations. Easily create and distribute high-quality content in less time. We also offer exports for accessible pdf's for people with disabilities.


More statements with a limited budget? As a healthcare institution or hospital you can easily create and distribute door and appointment cards, roll banners, specialist brochures and social media posts.


Simplify your communication process and let all online and offline expressions contribute to your brand identity. This strengthens the bond with your customers. Your time to market will be drastically reduced with Cordeo.


Communicate efficiently and consistently to your stakeholders: whether they are students, members, donors, volunteers or board members. With Cordeo you are in control of your communication process from start to finish.

Housing corporation

As a housing corporation you need to save costs and save time. With our brand portal you create, distribute and manage housing brochures, rental contracts, promotional material and more.

Create all content within your corporate identity in our brand portal studio.

Create and distribute online and offline

With our brand portal you can create all kinds of expressions via templates to suit your wishes. These can be documents such as manuals and brochures, but also posters, business cards or social media posts.

  • All colleagues - even without graphical knowledge - can create and share content
  • Very fast time to market process
  • Efficient way of communicating without external dependence
Use a brand portal as Cordeo to match all your communication with your corporate identity

Keep control with multiple teams

Larger organizations often work in teams. Having more colleagues create content and expressions reduces the workload. In every statement made with Cordeo the corporate identity is guaranteed thanks to flexible templates. You can use workflows to quickly build in control moments on the content e.g. when statements are stored for use.

  • Always communicate in accordance with the corporate identity, strengthening your brand identity
  • Workflows possible for fast control moments
  • Grip on the flow of communication
Find your assets quickly with meta descriptions in Digital Asset Management.

Digital Asset Management

In addition to creating and distributing content you also need a digital place where all created expressions, corporate identity elements, media and documents are stored. A Digital Asset Manager helps you to keep an overview and structure in all the communications that go around in your organization. While creating content, you can also easily load elements.

  • Overview, structure and time savings
  • Storing, downloading and reusing content
  • Easy retrieval via extensive metadata
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