Cordeo for not-for-profits

Controle your brand and all content you make

Cordeo for not-for-profits

Communicate efficiently and consistently to your stakeholders: whether they are students, members, donors, volunteers or board members. Cordeo makes it easy.


A strong and consistent brand story is becoming increasingly important to bind your stakeholders to your organization. Realize on brand content with various tools from Cordeo.


Everyone creates high-quality content in no time, according to the corporate identity. What's more, existing expressions are quickly retrievable and reusable. So you have more time for other important things!


Do you sometimes feel like you've been doing nothing but checking other people's work all day? With Cordeo you have significantly less work to do and still keep control thanks to handy workflows.

Content Management according to Cordeo: simple and efficient for top quality expressions.

Attract and retain the attention of your targets

Whether your goal is to recruit more members, collect donations or raise awareness about a topic: everything starts with a clear message. As a communication professional, your challenge is to make sure your target group knows what you stand for. You do this yourself every day, but your colleagues - with or without a communication background - can work with Cordeo as well. Everyone in your organization easily creates consistency in content that fits your brand.

  • Communicate consistently with your stakeholders
  • Flexible templates
  • Same look-and-feel everywhere
Create all your documents with Cordeo. Content Management has never been so easy.

Work as efficiently as possible within a complex organisation

Chances are that even within your not-for-profit several people are engaged in communication. With Cordeo you avoid duplication of work and make sure that there is a clear view on previously made statements. Previously created content is in one central place and can easily be retrieved, modified and reused. Thanks to customizable authorization levels and workflows, you keep control where necessary.

  • Maintain an overview of your expressions
  • All media and files in one central place
  • Use existing content as a basis
All your digital assets conveniently stored and (re)use with the Cordeo Brand Portal.

Do more with a limited budget

Probably marketing and communication are not always at the top of your priority list. We help not-for-profits to get the most out of it. By creating your own content from flexible templates and by reusing expressions, you don't have to outsource as much. In addition, we help you to organise your work smartly. For example, you can easily compare prices of merchandise and printed matter and then order them at the push of a button. This way you get more done for the same money.

  • Less outsourcing in the same time
  • Organize your work smarter
  • Easily create and order merchandise and printed content

How can Cordeo make the difference for you?

Our features make brand and content management even easier

Easily printing

Thanks to a direct link with the printer, you get an estimate of the price of your expressions. Then forward your content for production. If approval is required for certain content, you can easily set that up. Convenient, isn't it?

Personalized wizards

Are some of Cordeo's functions used very often? Then we create a separate wizard to make that function available in one click. This makes working with Cordeo even easier.

Set up workflows

Doesn't everyone need to have access to everything? By setting up roles with access levels, you can keep your portal secure and clear. It's up to you.


Branches in different countries? Cordeo supports almost all languages. So you can convert your expressions to another language in no time.

Media and files always at hand

Store all your created expressions, but also all media and documents, in your digital asset manager and add as many tags as possible. In this way, every user will find what they are looking for.

E-mail marketing

Do you want to create beautiful e-mail campaigns according to the right corporate identity? And keep track of your statistics? Cordeo is the total package for you.

Find out what Cordeo can do for you as a not-for-profit!
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