Cordeo for government agencies

Controle your brand and content

Cordeo for government agencies

Communicate clearly and consistently with citizens, businesses and other relations. Easily create and distribute high-quality content, always in your corporate identity.

Always up-to-date

Keep your content on fire with handy templates. Quickly create new expressions and reuse previous creations, so you'll always be up to date in a rapidly changing society.

Compliance with legal requirements

Make all your digital files available to visually impaired people, as required by law. With Cordeo's time-saving tools, it's quick and easy.

Easy to use

Create high quality content as an experienced designer. With Cordeo you don't need any experience as a designer to create quality content within your corporate identity.

Brand management complicated? Not with Cordeo's Brand Management Tools.

Communicating in a dynamic world

In the case of provinces, municipalities, water boards, ministries and other government organisations, the purpose of your communication is often to create social effects. Your communication constantly moves with society. This regularly requires adjustments to your communications across various channels. Together with your colleagues, quickly create new content in such a dynamic environment. And keep existing publications up to date at all times. Cordeo makes it possible.

  • Rapidly create new expressions that are always on fire
  • Working with flexible templates
  • Content that touches the right feeling
  • Eén portal voor hele organisatie
BrandBook by Cordeo: turn your brand into a strong brand by always sticking to your corporate identity.

Keep an overview throughout the organisation

Working efficiently is becoming increasingly important. Fragmented responsibilities within your organization quickly result in loss of overview, quality, valuable time and budget. How do you prevent a colleague from tinkering with your logo himself? Or how do you guarantee that everyone always works with the latest version of a print document? And how do you prevent your communication budget from being exceeded due to a lack of overview? We have the answer.

  • Always work according to the corporate identity guidelines
  • All your expressions in one central place
  • Control of content and budget
Meet our Document Reader: Cordeo has a product special for governments.

Make sure your expressions meet the legal requirements

All (semi-)governmental organizations are legally obliged to make their digital content accessible to everyone. In this way, you also have to adapt your written content for visually impaired people. Cordeo has developed a special tool for this purpose. Always comply with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) without wasting time.

What's in this for you?
  • Maak je content voor iedereen toegankelijk
  • Voldoe aan de wettelijke eisen
  • Bespaar kostbare tijd

How can Cordeo make the difference for you?

Our features make brand and content management even easier

Workflows for control

Do you want to give everyone the freedom to create on fire, but do you want to act as the person ultimately responsible? Work with workflows that you set up according to your own ideas.

Style variations

Does your corporate identity vary in parts, such as per department or branch? Then simply make all kinds of style variations available with Cordeo. This way you can make a distinction, but the content remains recognizable.

Web accessibility tool

In Cordeo there is a tool available that converts written text into spoken text. In this way, your expressions meet the legal requirements for web accessibility in no time.

Set roles

Determine per user what he or she can do in Cordeo. That makes the use clear and efficient for everyone and you, as the person responsible, know exactly who has access to which parts.

Stay up-to-date

Do you regularly need to change the law or make other changes to your content? If so, it's great if you can make changes to all relevant documents very quickly. This can be done at the push of a button thanks to permalinks.

Find your content

Want to find images, texts, templates and other digital files quickly? Then add your own handy tags to everything you use and produce in the organization. So you can quickly find what you need.

Find out what Cordeo can do for you as a government agency!
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