Cordeo Brand Portal for companies

Controle your brand and all content you make

Cordeo for companies

Simplify your communication process and make sure you always create on brand content and strengthen your brand.


Consistently apply your corporate identity by working with handy templates that offer the flexibility to create what you and all your colleagues need.


With Cordeo, shorten the time-to-market of your marketing and communication tools. Easily create, publish and manage all content within your company; always on brand.


Store all your digital assets and find your content files and documents instantly. By giving clear tags when saving, you you reduce everyone's time. You'll also find all your completed content here.

Content Management according to Cordeo: simple and efficient for top quality expressions.

Maintain speed in your communication

Your targets receive thousands of communication messages every day. And their needs are changing faster and faster. As a communication professional, your job is to keep up and stay ahead of your competition. With Cordeo you shorten the time-to-market of your communication across all channels. By creating and distributing new and on brand content at lightning speed.

  • Respond continuously to dynamic customer needs
  • Shorten your time-to-market
  • Keep the lead over your competitor
Manage all your photos, documents and more in Cordeo's Digital Asset Manager.

Manage your digital assets as efficiently as possible

In the mass of images, texts and other digital content and assets that are circulating in your company, it is difficult to keep an overview and monitor quality at the same time. With Cordeo you prevent documents from disappearing into emails and your own folders. On to a simpler communication process where fire and content management are central.

  • Quickly find your documents and media
  • Efficiently creating good content
  • Consistent branding throughout your company
Go for a consistent brand experience with Cordeo's brand management tools.

Give your customer a consistent brand experience

The number of touchpoints with your customers is growing. As a marketing specialist, you know how important it is to give your customers a consistent and personalized brand experience at every stage of the customer journey. Cordeo's dynamic templates make one-to-one communication easy and guarantee a uniform application of the corporate identity. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Uniform appearance in your entire communication
  • Work from one central location
  • Offer flexibility to make exactly what everyone needs

How can Cordeo make the difference for you?

Our features make brand and content management even easier


Does your company have branches in multiple countries or foreign customers? Cordeo's software supports multilingualism, so you can offer all your content internationally.

The link with Adobe

Our handy Adobe InDesign plug-in allows designers to create their own templates and load them into Cordeo in no time. If you don't have a designer in-house, we just do it for you and in no time you will have a new template.

Direct, universal adjustments

Do you change the corporate identity or the layout of a certain file? Or have you updated the content? Thanks to dynamic permalinks you can easily make these changes in online publications.

Working with workflows

Doesn't everyone in the company need to have access to everything? Set per user what he or she is allowed to see, do and change and maintain control.

Easy tag retrieval

Add information to your images and documents in the form of tags, so you can find everything easily and quickly. No more hours of searching for the right file, but immediately found and ready to use.

Flexible templates

Prefer a small image and more text? Or the other way around? Rather two columns instead of one? The house style templates in Cordeo give you as much flexibility as you want to allow. This way you can create a variety of documents that are still consistent and recognisable.

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