DRU: Automatically generating energy labels with BrandSpot

Our customer DRU, producers of heating appliances and stoves, has been a BrandSpot user for years. As DRU pertains to the energy-related product industry, it is constantly innovating to implement the most ecological technology. An energy label is an excellent way to bring this green technology to the attention of consumers. Because of BrandSpot’s flexibility, it is possible to generate these labels in an automatized manner.

Energy labels within the brand portal

Starting from 2018, it will be obligatory within the EU to put a visible label on all energy consuming gas and wood burning fireplaces, as well as on all related communication materials, indicating its energy efficiency class. The energy efficiency classes are being assigned according to the wattage of the product. In addition to this standard information, DRU chooses to add a couple of USP’s and a QR code to the label as well. The QR code refers to the exact product page on DRU’s website. In this way, a consumer is able to access additional information about the product.

DRU only has to import an excel sheet containing all product information. For every line of the excel sheet, BrandSpot automatically generates a label in four languages (English, Dutch, French and German) in the right format and design. This is fast, efficient and significantly reduces the chance of making mistakes.

BrandSpot for DRU: custom-made functions and wizards

The Library and the Studio are two of the applications of the brand portal to be deployed to easily generate energy labels. Furthermore, a special wizard has been created. How are these applications being used and which advantages do they offer for DRU?

Batch-upload within the Library

First of all, a user-friendly way of inserting the QR-codes in BrandSpot was needed. Thanks to the already existing “batch upload” option of the Library, the DAM of BrandSpot, the codes can be uploaded in large numbers. The QR codes refer to the product page of the various heating appliances.

New templates within the Studio

Within the Studio, new types of templates have been created in order to have specific spaces in which QR codes, energy labels and other specific icons can be inserted. There is a variety of templates to ensure that labels are being provided with the correct logo according to the many heating appliances’ brands.

The custom wizard: the energy label generator

Lastly, the wizard with which the energy labels can be generated. This is where the excel sheet is uploaded and digested. After the upload, the product for which a label is needed can easily be selected. Thanks to the digested excel sheet, BrandSpot knows which brand matches with every heating appliance, its wattage, which icons are relevant and which one of the QR codes of the Library should be inserted. With a simple click on the “Create” button, all labels will be automatically created and published. These labels can be ordered throughout the WebShop, after which they will be printed and delivered at DRU’s.

Now, DRU has all needed ingredients at their disposal to show their customers how ecological their products are and, on top of that, to meet the EU regulations. With BrandSpot it is as simple as that to generate and add energy labels!

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