Discover Cordeo: meet Willem

It seemed a simple task: an article about Willem Stalknecht. In reality it was complicated. Fortunately, the challenge to hear more than just about Cordeo and BrandSpot has been successful. Here is the hidden side of Willem.

20141124-4169-lrThe most important thing in Willems life is his family. And that makes sense. Willem proudly talks about his wife and daughters, ages ranging between 8 and 19 years old. The ladies provide the necessary buzz, but above all fun and love. And not less important, balance between work and private life.

‘I have great passion for my work, but my family remains the most important. This forces me to keep looking for a good balance between work and private life. Although sometimes it is pretty difficult to detach from work, my wife and kids always make sure I disconnect so I am able to fully enjoy our time together.’

For sports Willem likes to make quite some time. Preferably he watches – as a born and raised Tukker  (the most eastern region o the Netherlands) – the game of his soccer team FC Twente, which he continued to support in difficult times. Rightly so, this season FC Twente seems to be on the right track again. Willem himself has always been sporty. Especially with tennis and volleyball:

‘In high school I played volleyball fanatically. With our team we even became Dutch Champion, we were so proud! As a result we were delegated to the World Championship, in Israel. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that a number of players from our team, including myself, were not allowed to play with the team. Another age limit was handled, and I was one month too old. I can still feel the disappointment today.’

Willem has also much interest in music. His motto is: no day without Bach. Culminating in one of his longest and best-known compositions. ‘The Matthäus-Passion touches me deeply, I prefer to go to a live performance. I also enjoy a visit to the theater.’ For Willem there is more than only listening to music. Willem himself plays organ. At home, but also on a regular basis in his church or while visiting another church. ‘How special is it to be playing a historical instrument, an organ which 300 years ago was played and still has the sound of those times.’

The organ is not the only reason for the visit to the church. Religion – as a Christian – is a major driving force in the life of Willem. It has an important role in his everyday life. Values like ‘to do anything for anyone’, ‘an agreement is an agreement’ and ‘be satisfied with all you have’ not only play a major role in private life, but also within business these values are never forgotten.

‘My faith give relevance, a purpose to my life. Although I do not constantly propagate it, I try to weave it into all aspects of my life. Also in the business. However, by circumstances or external factors it promises clash sometimes. Then you feel the disappointment, and the urge to do it differently next time.’

The fascination for information technology and computers has always been present. With a technical study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente, Willem entered the labor market in the oil and gas industry with an internship of six months in Calgary (Canada). A switch followed to the software industry, where Willem was responsible for the electronics industry and the ERP product within the organization Baan Company.

‘I definitely have a fascination with computers. As well as the urge to continuously improve, to innovate, which are aspects that have contributed to the success of Cordeo, our self-developed product BrandSpot. Again, to keep balance between work and home, I like to travel with my family.’ With Baan Company he travelled around the world, that is no longer necessary. ‘The Netherlands is beautiful as holiday destination, particularly Zeeland attracts me. For variation, Denmark is fine too. As long as it will be with my family, then I’m a happy and satisfied man.’

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