Discover Cordeo: meet Cyril

Ask Cyril for input on a personal article and he delivers pages of information. About Cordeo and about BrandSpot. Very interesting, but that was not exactly the intention for this post. So we interviewed him. Curious for the other, unknown, side of Cyril? Read more!

Cyril is born in the southern province of Limburg, the small “appendix” squeezed between Belgium and Germany, with Maastricht as main city. Home of marching bands, brass bands and carnival. He loves the local pasty (“vlaai”) with a local beer called Brand (nothing to do with Brand Resources Management).

“I live with great pleasure in Zwolle with its beautiful nature and river IJssel, but I always enjoy visiting Limburg and my family there, but also for business to visit our customer. BrandSpot has been implemented by the Maastricht University. When I visit this customer I always combine it with a nice beer in a pub in this very nice city to enjoy the atmosphere.

Italy is Cyrils second home. In search of adventure he met his Italian wife. No wonder he returns every year to Italy to visit family and enjoy the marvelous Italian kitchen, wines and nature. During the European Championships he is fan of La squadra Azzurra. At least there is some joy for this Dutchman during the games.

“No doubt that Italy is my second homeland. I warmly recommend a visit to the real Italy, the deep south! If you need travel tips, you’re welcome.

Family stands on top of his priority. He is very proud of his wife and his daughter. “My family is very important for me. I love to do things together with them. Even just coming home and having dinner with them makes my day.”

Cyril has great interest in other cultures. He has a degree in Cultural Anthropology of the University of Amsterdam, which is also one of our customers. After his study he rolled into the marketing and communication space, totally unexpectedly. But the biggest surprise (for himself the biggest) was the foundation of Cordeo together with Willem. From anthropology to ICT.

“I started to work in a complete different area. I never thought that this would be ICT. But my interests in different cultures has remained. I would like to travel discovering people and cultures. Who knows what the future brings…”

Although Cyril allows himself little spare time, he also needs time to relax. Classical music will take care also during his work for some relaxation. Step into the office of Cyril an you will be surprised by the sounds of Puccini, Verdi and Vivaldi.

 “Nothing to add to that. This is real music!”

But off course Cordeo remains very important in his life.

“Cordeo is special to me. When I started Cordeo with Willem, we intended to improve processes with regards to the creation of printed material. Frustrating processes. I worked together with Willem at that time at Baan Company and we saw huge room for improvement. We built our first product XLdoc. Together with visionary customers such as Infor, MSD Animal Health, the Utrecht University College of Applied Sciences and many others we have been able to improve our product constantly and adapt it to the requirements of this time. Our product BrandSpot is currently a very user friendly solution for the management of content for multiple media and channels resulting in an overall consistent brand expression

“Yes, I am proud of what we have achieved. But it does not stop here. I still see endless possibilities and we intend to continue to explore all opportunities.”

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