A Digital Asset Manager for water and milk!

“Time flows away like the water in the river.” said Confucius ages ago. Water company Vitens is aware of this. Vitens consist of more than 1400 people who are constantly making sure that 5,5 million people can rely on having drinking water of the best quality. For their photographic materials, Vitens had a local folder structure. Therefore, it was difficult to retrieve these materials quickly. Also, sharing images with external parties became extremely complicated and time-consuming.

This made Vitens decide to turn to Cordeo and our brand management software BrandSpot. Library of Vitens in BrandSpotWe implemented the Library, BrandSpot’s Digital Asset Manager, at Vitens with the result that thousands of photos are now clearly arranged and easy to find through innovative search and filter functions. Photographers are able to upload many pictures at the same time and make them available for the entire organisation. By so-called permalinks, the photos can be shared with external parties without a login for the library. BrandSpot offers, besides the original in high resolution, also different download formats for web and office printers. This is how we hope to make the river flow a little slower so Vitens can focus on their water- (and time) management!

However, Cordeo is not limited to water. What about milk products? FrieslandCampina Domo is an Operating Company of the Ingredients division of FrieslandCampina, producing ingredients, base formulas and total formulas for the infant nutrition industry worldwide as well as ingredients for the medical and cell nutrition markets. Friesland Campinadomo in BrandSpotFrieslandCampina Domo needed a functional image database to organise their MarCom materials and to make them globally accessible: for such an international organisation an effective Digital Asset Manag er, open to all authorised people, is essential. With our Library, FrieslandCampina Domo is able to share (upload and download) their brand items with other internal and external users according to predefined rights. Also, a “mass-upload”-feature of the Digital Asset Manager enables to upload many assets simultaneously. Its use and quality can be monitored easily just as its copyright.

BrandSpot’s Digital Asset Manager, our Library, makes it possible to have all brand assets stored in a central place, but the Library offers a lot more thanks to innovative features. Our customers Vitens and FrieslandCampina Domo already experienced it. Thanks to a good collaboration they have decided to keep using BrandSpot as their Digital Asset Manager!

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