Corporate social responsibility: more than just solar panels

Everyone is familiar with the ecological issue. It is also known that corporate life is often standing in the way of greener solutions. That is why the concept of CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is increasingly being stimulated by governments. With CSR, there is more to it than just a more sustainable way of doing business: other social issues must also be taken into account, such as optimum accessibility of products for everyone and good working conditions throughout the entire chain. In this way, the business community can take concrete steps to no longer stand in the way of solutions and even contribute to a better world.

Corporate social responsibility as a software organization

Ever since the very beginning of the company, Cordeo has been involved in corporate social responsibility. As a software organization, we try to contribute to society in a broader sense. We therefore look at how we can support culture, care and NGOs and how we can help people with functional disabilities.

Our CSR policy, therefore, focuses on three concrete areas:

• Product development and infrastructure

• Subsidizing/sponsoring social target groups

• Improvements within our own organization and office environment

The first step towards CSR: Product development and infrastructure

Corporate social responsibility starts with the development of the product itself. Our product BrandSpot already makes an intrinsic contribution to reducing the environmental impact on our customers and in the chain afterwards. By easily creating digital documents, it is no longer necessary to physically produce such materials, resulting in a large saving on costs, chemical materials and paper. Whenever materials do have to be produced physically, the documents are drawn up in such a way that they can be printed in small quantities. This ensures that the production quantity can be precisely tailored to the demand and less is thrown away.

Moreover, Cordeo has an extensive international printing network enabling to produce materials locally. This optimizes the entire production chain and greatly reduces the burden on the environment. The new version of BrandSpot will be even more sustainable through, among other things, greener hosting, more efficient coding and smaller files.

Furthermore, we try to make BrandSpot as accessible as possible. An integration of the Web Guidelines for Universal Accessibility with the BrandSpot Studio, makes it possible to create PDFs that can also be read by a screen reader.

The second step towards CSR: Subsidizing / sponsoring social target groups

Healthcare institutions, NGOs and cultural institutions often have insufficient resources to invest in solutions such as BrandSpot. We contribute to a better world by offering them our Brand Portal at very reduced rates and sometimes even for free so that these organizations can also make use of BrandSpot. With BrandSpot, NGOs are able to raise funds more easily and save costs on operational costs so that more money is left for charities.

Third step towards CSR: Improvements within the organization and office environment

Also within our own organization and office environment, we are embracing ways to minimize our burden on the environment. For example, we use green electricity from Energiewacht Groep, a supplier with a high score in the research of the Consumers’ Association, Greenpeace, Nature & Environment and WISE. Our newest project is the installation of 54 solar panels on the roof of the Cordeo head office.

With this, we hope that the company will have minimal impact on the environment and hopefully even contribute positively. We look forward with optimism, and of course, we hope for a sunny future!

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