Cordeo's 2017: Growth, development and a beautiful outlook

2018 is already knocking on the door. Time to look forward with enthusiasm, and of course in retrospect to 2017. It is important to take a moment and look back on all developments. Which milestones did we manage to accomplish, which developments have had the most impact this year and what could we improve or continue to build on in 2018?

Cordeo’s 2017 was an excellent year. We have been growing in different ways. We have been developing a lot, not only our software. However, we will reveal something new about BrandSpot in the course of this article…

Cordeo is growing…

We have welcomed new fellow workers in various teams: our development and research team has expanded, such as our hosting team and also our marketing and sales team.

We are also extending towards a couple of new markets. With new customers like Vidomes and HW Wonen, we embark on the housing corporation market, and with the Municipality of Amsterdam as our new customer, we are introducing Brandspot to the first municipalities.

The year 2017 was outstanding for the educational segment, an area in which we feel very at home: we won various tenders such as the one at University of Applied Science Arnhem en Nijmegen, the new fusion NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, but also smaller scaled educational institutions such as Teachers’ College for Primary Education Katholieke Pabo Zwolle.

Cordeo has passed this year’s ISO 27001 audit successfully, without any deficiencies, as well. This means that we have been ISO certified three years in a row, ever since we started with the first audit in 2015. Customers and relations can be assured that their data and information are being treated with great care.

BrandSpot develops…

Cordeo is only able to grow thanks to our solution, BrandSpot. BrandSpot is being deployed more and more, as pointed out clearly by the numbers: this year we count approximately 20 million publications, made possible thanks to about 55.000 active users. Within the brand portals, almost 100.000 worldwide orders have been placed this year alone, from various parts of the world. Sri Lanka is one of the newest locations.

Cordeo is looking forward to 2018

Also behind the scenes, 2017 was a fruitful year, which finally will be, to remain in the metaphor, tasted in 2018. This year has been the year in which the development of BrandSpot Next Generation has really been taking off! This means that the first applications and modules of the completely renovated version of BrandSpot NG will be released in 2018.

In other words, we are very grateful for this wonderful year and we are looking forward to the next one with optimism. We also want to thank all of our customers for the wonderful collaboration and for believing in our product. We wish everyone a beautiful New Year’s Eve and a very inspiring new year!


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