Cordeo wins tender of Landstede Groep

At the end of last year, Cordeo participated in a tender held by Landstede Groep. Landstede Groep is an educational institution for young and old, and wants to actively bridge the gap between education, the environment and society, by bringing out their values around learning, living, and working.

Landstede Groep uses a broad mix of communication tools to express these values and was looking for an efficient digital solution to do so. In particular, both a software to centrally manage all materials was needed and an application with which new communication materials can be created. BrandSpot was chosen during the tender.

The challenge: multiple corporate identity styles and brands in one brand portal

With years of experience in the educational sector, Cordeo has managed to support several challenges with BrandSpot: merger processes of various organizations, implementation of new corporate identity styles and internal reorganizations of companies. Because of the size of Landstede Groep and its versatile character, we faced a new challenge.

Landstede Groep, located in Overijssel and Gelderland, is active in secondary education with many locations such as Zwolle, Dronten, Kampen, Dedemsvaart and Hardenberg. In addition, it is active in secondary vocational education and adult education. Landstede Groep has a large number of small-scale locations, from Harderwijk to Hardenberg and from Lelystad to Raalte, which are closely connected with local environments in many ways.

Every local school of Landstede Groep has its own name, brand and house style. Moreover, every school needs different types of materials. In addition to flyers and posters for example, a school can use Brandspot for  creating signage, diplomas and certificates. In vocational education, it is desirable to easily compile a brochure in which the cooperation processes are digitally supported. All of this must be possible within one brand portal for the entire Landstede Groep.

One brand portal for everyone. Countless possibilities.

Landstede Groep will have an overview of all its brands, with its accompanying materials and means of communication as never before. Thanks to the possibility to assign different authorizations per user, a large number of users can work simultaneously in the brand portal. As an example, one-time users can download an image from BrandSpot, while their communication colleagues at a local school can design their own means of communication in accordance with the agreed corporate identity style and then have them realized at the repro, printer or supplier.

Not only the communication department, but also a local director, has insight into the the materials that are being made and the costs; the approval workflow and the set-up with rights and roles contribute to this.

An application for every need

BrandSpot can be used in many ways through applications that work together. With the new brand portal, communication colleagues of Landstede group can:

… capture the different corporate identity styles of the schools in the BrandBook;
… ensure that the new materials are created in the Studio according to the correct corporate identity style;
… store new materials in the Library, the BrandSpot DAM;
… order print-ready materials via the WebShop;

We are looking forward to a great collaboration with Landstede Groep.

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