Cordeo wins tender for Brand Portal at HAN

Recently we received the good news that we may welcome a new client: after a tender, University of Applied Sciences Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN)  has chosen for our brand portal!

A couple of reasons made BrandSpot the preferred option. A clear implementation plan and broad experience has been received positively, as well as BrandSpot’s integration with Hodex (“Hoger Onderwijs Data EXchange”, meaning Higher Education Data EXchange, read more) and SURFconext. Eventually, BrandSpot happened to be the option with the best price/quality ratio.

Educational institutions and Brand Management

Educational institutions often are large organisations that repeatedly need to produce new materials in an efficient and consistent way. Bachelor brochures need to be updated regularly and leaflets, invitations for special events, or even signage during open days, most of the time must be created from scratch. In many instances there is a need for multilingual versions.

These communication materials all need to be printed and delivered on time at the various establishments and departments or made available online. Just to make this happen correctly, the following is needed:

HAN in The Netherlands

It is obvious that a software containing all of the above in one solution only, avoids a lot of hassle and hugely simplifies the creation process of marketing materials. Not without reason, four universities of applied sciences, five universities, one teachers’ college for primary education and one high school chose our brand management software BrandSpot.

Not just for printing

An appreciated function by educational institutions that BrandSpot offers, is the possibility to send personalised information to potential upcoming students. University of Applied Sciences Windesheim from Zwolle and University of Applied Sciences Utrecht already dispose of this function. Throughout the website, an upcoming student is able to assemble his/her very own brochure which only contains information that he/she is interested in (read more). The potential students receive their personalised brochure as a PDF in their inbox.

We are looking forward to a wonderful collaboration with University of Applied Sciences Arnhem and Nijmegen!

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