Cordeo receives ISO 27001 certification

2016, a new year. What is the best way to start 2016? Safe. And that is exactly what we have been working on last year. We want to provide for the growing need and demand of information security. Therefore, Cordeo is officially ISO 27001 certified starting from 1 January 2016.

Security will surely be a central theme in 2016 in all senses. Within the area of digital information security, the cyber attacks are turning more and more intelligent, and even smaller organisations bear the brunt more and more. This means that every organisation must be fully prepared to defend themselves against these hack-attacks. With our certification we are fully up to date as for necessary information security, so you can make safe use of our online platform BrandSpot.

What does ISO 27001 mean?

ISO stands for International Organisation for Standardisation. The ISO with code 27001 includes standards that determine, implement, monitor and constantly improve management systems for information security.

An ISO 27001 certificate remains valid for three years, after which another in depth research will be started to establish whether the company still meets the requirements. In addition, an annual inspection will be made. That is how organisations with an ISO 27001 certificate continuously work to improve information security.

What does this mean for you?

You are guaranteed that your data will be treated carefully while you make use of our cloud based platform without worries and that Cordeo is constantly focused on improving its internal organisation!

Concretely, ISO 27001 means:

  • that your personal information is safe in our hands;
    Confidential information like contact details and data of your company will be strictly safeguarded
  • that you can make use of our “in the cloud” service without a worry;
    Images and documents within BrandSpot are only visible for authorized users
  • that all variable data used for e-mail and direct mail campaigns are securely protected;
    Names and details of your contacts are fully protected
  • that you can make use of the single sign on options within BrandSpot in an easy and safe way;
    Log into BrandSpot safely with your personal account
  • that data leaks will be prevented.
    Cordeo is prepared for the most advanced hack techniquesDekra ISO 27001 certification

DEKRA, warrant of security

The ISO 27001 certification has been licensed by DEKRA. DEKRA is an independent knowledge organisation that globally strives to guarantee security and quality.

Dekra writes the following conclusion:

“BrandSpot is an interesting product/service, well implemented, with a high level of quality. Cordeo is a small, professional organisation, with a high level of management commitment towards the management system and information security with competent and enthusiastic employees, who all bear an adequate level of consciousness of the information security risks.”

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