Cordeo concludes partnership with ZorgpleinNoord

Cordeo recently signed a partnership with ZorgpleinNoord. We now offer BrandSpot with special conditions and member discounts to all members of ZorgpleinNoord, so that healthcare institutions can make use of the many benefits of Brandspot.


The logo of ZorgpleinNoord

ZorgpleinNoord is the employer organization for Care and Welfare in the north of the Netherlands. With more than 270 member organizations, accounting for around 65,000 FTEs, ZorgpleinNoord represents more than 85% of the healthcare sector and about half of the welfare sector in the Northern Netherlands.

ZorgpleinNoord works for and with affiliated organizations on care and welfare in the provinces of Drenthe, Groningen and Friesland. Support and advice are provided within the field of labour market issues, mobility and reputation. As a regional labour market organization, the highly localised nature of labour market developments are anticipated.

BrandSpot for the healthcare sector

In addition to the many services that ZorgpleinNoord already provides, we offer BrandSpot to the healthcare sector. Many healthcare institutions are looking for a solution that makes it easier, faster and cheaper to make communication materials. At the same time, consistency within the corporate identity style should be maintained and the solution should preferably be as user-friendly as possible.

BrandSpot integrated special features for the healthcare sector, such as generating PDFs that can be read by a screen reader for the blind and visually impaired and creating personal folders with customized information for the patient.

“BrandSpot is an excellent solution for healthcare institutions to get a grip on communication processes. We are delighted that we can offer BrandSpot with member benefits to our members.”

Ida Grasdijk, Director-Director ZorgpleinNoord

“We look forward to a fruitful collaboration and hope that BrandSpot will contribute to efficient processes and cost savings at healthcare and welfare institutions”

Cyril Reijnen, Managing Director Cordeo

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