ContentStore for user manuals

DRU, specialist in heating appliances and stoves, produces many types of gas fires and wall heaters in an ever increasing number of countries. There is a need for many user manuals in even more languages.

By using the new ContentStore module, DRU now has one source of information for the user manuals. The content for the manuals are stored centrally. This means that the database needs to be filled only once with basic information such as text components and images, used in hundreds of different manuals, and that afterwards these components can be applied to any user manual no matter what language. If a change occurs, the content can be changed in one place and all documents will be automatically updated when a new version is created.

A so-called content object, which contains the final content, can have many translations. In this way text components can be maintained and translated better.

Due to the possibility to add content objects (mostly standard texts which apply to all manuals) already in the template, they need to be placed only once and will be automatically present in all documents created with this template.

Heater specific content can be selected and inserted on document level directly from the ContentStore. There is no need to re-type the text. Furthermore, documents can use the translation concept of BrandSpot that ensures that images do not need to be inserted per language version. The language selected for the document determines the language of the content for the document. If the translated content is available in the ContentStore, the translated version of a user manual is instantly ready.

With the ContentStore, the creation and management of hundreds of manuals in many languages DRU has become a highly efficient process that also guarantees high quality of the manuals.

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