Christmas campaign 2017: Three times development first!

Christmas is coming! To us, this means, apart from our Cordeo Christmas dinner, that we contribute something to charity. Instead of customer gifts, we choose to donate to a new organization every year. In 2016 we contributed to KWF (Dutch Cancer Society).

As 2017 will be remembered by us as a year of beautiful developments, we chose “development” as the theme for this year’s charity organization. Of all charity organizations proposed by the personnel, three organizations stood out because they fit the theme perfectly. That is why we will do something unusual this year. We will not support one, but three charity organizations!

Stichting Vluchteling: development of a better existence for refugees

Over 65 million people worldwide have fled their country due to violence, war or human rights violation. Stichting Vluchteling (Refugee Foundation Netherlands) is synonymous with direct aid for victims of acute distress. Worldwide our aim is directed to refugees and displaced persons. We respond to the worlds worst humanitarian crises, providing emergency aid, shelter, medical care food, clean drinking water and sanitary facilities to those in need.“, website of Stichting Vluchteling.

Obviously, the organization helps people who cross the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa, those who escape from the Middle East and also the Rohingya people, the ethnic minority that have no choice but to flee their home country Myanmar, where their human rights are severely being violated.

Net Foundation: making education available online in isolated and conflictive regions

NET Foundation’s mission is to make digital theological education available online worldwide. You can read more on the Net Foundation website.

Development is, of course, paired with education. Freedom of speech is very important for Cordeo. Everyone should have the freedom of practicing one’s religious belief. Making education available online that corresponds to religious beliefs which are not always given equal room in certain regions, is therefore a good cause to us.

Human rights organization “Frayba Centro de Derechos Humanos”: equal rights and opportunities in Mexico

Cordeo supports Frayba through “Mensen met een Missie”, an organization which, amongst other things, raises funds with the help of human rights’ observers for Mexico. Apart from Mexico, Mensen met een Missie has numerous other development cooperation projects worldwide.

Mensen met een Missie about their project in Mexico: “In Mexico violence is endemic. Corruption has led to collusion between the police and the military and organised crime. In the states of Chiapas, Guerrero and Morelos different sides have opposing interests. A slumbering conflict situation and militarisation is the result. There are widespread human rights violations, especially among the native population. Mensen met een Missie wants to contribute to the peace efforts and prevent the escalation of social conflicts in Chiapas, Guerrero and Morelos. Workshops are given with the aim of strengthening the capacities of people, local organisations and native communities.” Read more on their website.

In conclusion…

We are pleased to be able to contribute a little to all three of the charity organizations. We wish everyone a very happy Christmas days!

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