BrandSpot’s latest feature: the MS Word Generator

Developments in the digital field are incredibly fast. As a developer of online solutions, it is therefore essential to constantly gauge what the new requirements in the market are.

The development of BrandSpot Next Generation, BrandSpot’s latest version, is progressing steadily: one of the newest features that have been created is the Microsoft Word Generator. We are currently offering this solution in the current version of BrandSpot as a preview of BrandSpot Next Generation.

The Microsoft Word generator: how does it work

Just as the name implies, the MS Word Generator module has been specially developed to integrate BrandSpot with one of the most used applications: Microsoft Word. With the MS Word Generator, standard Word documents can be created in a simple way on the basis of templates. This is possible in a few simple steps:

  1. Create an ideal design for your Word files

    Design a Word template via the BrandSpot DesignManager.

  2. Select and edit the template

    Via a user-friendly interface, you can select the desired template and create documents by filling the template with content. The MSWord Generator ensures that the documents are created as Word documents, exactly according to the design and completely in the corporate identity style.

  3. Download the Word file

    The processed documents can finally be downloaded and further edited, printed out or sent.

The template can be made entirely according to the corporate identity style. It is possible to define the logo of your organization or department, create colour schemes or record paragraph styles. If desired, parts of the Word document can be fixed, therefore allowing you to decide which parts of the document are editable. Your corporate identity style is thus fully secured, as is the case with other BrandSpot components.

Linked with the Content Store

In the Content Store – BrandSpot’s central content storage module – it is possible to define standard texts for various languages. This content can be automatically applied in the MS Word Generator. Centrally managed address data, pay-off texts, but also more extensive texts, such as product or company descriptions, are automatically inserted in the correct language in your Word document. Your brand story will always be consistent and always up-to-date.

Benefits of the BrandSpot Word Generator

The specially developed, latest module of BrandSpot is fully integrated with all other BrandSpot applications and modules and offers your organization many advantages:

  • All communication materials in one central storage location

    BrandSpot now forms the basis for all communication materials, including Word documents.

  • Always the recent version of a template at hand

    Users always work with the most current templates for Word documents.

  • The Word document meets the corporate identity style

    All creations within BrandSpot comply with the corporate identity style rules. That also applies to Word documents.

  • Possibility to limit editing of (parts of) documents

    The template consists of editable parts and fixed parts as required.

  • Pre-filled content for standard communication

    Time saving because only the text that is specific to a document needs to be filled in. Standard texts and images can be defined and secured in the templates.

  • Control of the user with regard to writing styles

    The user submits pre-filled content when editing the text.

  • Suitable for creating e-mail signatures for Outlook

    Graphic design of signatures with the right logos, addresses and disclaimers.

With the Microsoft Word Generator, BrandSpot is enriched once again with a solution that helps companies and users better safeguard the corporate identity style and create beautiful expressions in Microsoft Word in a simple way. Learn more? Feel free to contact us or request a free demo!

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