Cordeo established as consultancy company

Cyril Reijnen & Willem Stalknecht

Cordeo was established in 2001 by founders Cyril Reijnen and Willem Stalknecht. The combination of their background in technology and marketing resulted in the first Publish on Demand solution. The founders have over 30 years’ experience in marketing & communication processes and more than 20 years’ experience in business process reengineering, ERP, CRM and Supply Chain software.

XLdoc development

Development of software components for publishing on demand platform

Cordeo creates first document ordering platform for marketing materials (XLdoc v1) in 2001 and online creation (XLdoc v2) in 2004 and adds Image Library to the suite (XLdoc v3). In 2004 Cordeo ads enhanced creation possibilities to the platform (XLdoc v4). Baan Company and DSM were first launching customers. Partnership with Xerox. Cordeo was nominated for POD Benelux Award, received PODi Award and Xerox Award for Best Short Run Digital Print.

New Office

Cordeo moves to new offices

After a rapid growth in the first years, Cordeo moved to the new office in Zwolle with ample space for new growth.

XLdoc v5

Started development of completely new platform

The experience of the past years has lead to new insights and in 2007 we started the development of a complete new and integrated publishing solution. Since 2007 Cordeo has grown rapidly with many new customers of which Intervet (now MSD Animal Health) is one of the largest.

With XLdoc v5 we also started with solutions for the education sector. Actually Cordeo is market leader in the Netherlands at Universities and Universities of Applied Science.

Introduction Brand Resource Management

XLdoc becomes BrandSpot

Globalization and multi-channel marketing have led to a huge increase in print as well as other forms of communication. Managing, coordinating and translating all the work generated is an increasingly complex task. Marketing departments, restricted by budgets and limited human resources, often struggle. Sending out a consistent message and presenting a cohesive brand is becoming more and more of a challenge.

So in 2013 we’ve taken steps to redefine our position to be better able to help manage brands successfully. We have identified and defined the space in which we work as Brand Resource Management.

The XLdoc product has been rebranded to BrandSpot.

ISO 27001

Cordeo receives ISO 27001 certification

ISO stands for International Organisation for Standardisation. The ISO with code 27001 includes standards that determine, implement, monitor and constantly improve management systems for information security.

As we consider it a huge priority to guarantee optimal information security we got ISO 27001 certified starting from January 1, 2016.



Brand Services Portal

BrandSpot enables your marketing organization to be more creative, more efficient and more productive. It meets your company’s needs by acting as a standardized, scalable, configurable and independent brand services portal for Brand Resource Management. You’ll speed up the time-to-market and reduce your costs. Above all, you’ll achieve a consistent brand expression and manage content for multiple media and channels.

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