A Brand Portal for Youth Fund for Sports & Culture

After years of intensive cooperation, the Dutch Youth Culture Fund and the Dutch Youth Sports Fund have merged into Youth Fund Sports & Culture (Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur). The fund makes it possible for children and young people from families with little income to be able to join a sports club or to take classes in art and culture. For these children, the fund pays the contribution or the tuition fee and in certain cases the required attributes. This is badly needed: more than 378,000 children in the Netherlands grow up in a family that has to make ends meet on a subsistence level, which is 1 out of 9 children.

Youth Fund Sports & Culture has 60 urban and provincial funds throughout the Netherlands. These local funds work closely together with around 250 municipalities and 8,000 intermediaries who process the applications for the children. The national agency, based in Amsterdam, advises and supports urban and provincial funds in many areas, including communication. In addition to a new name, a joint visual identity has also been developed by Studio Dumbar. For the urban and provincial funds, this means a completely new look and feel of their local communication expressions.

A tool to support urban and provincial funds

Although the urban and provincial funds have many similarities, there are also differences. In some municipalities, for example, only one of the funds is active. This means that a local fund operates under, for example, the Youth Fund for Sports and not the Youth Fund Sports & Culture.

In the Studio, BrandSpot’s creation application, a fund can make new expressions based on dynamic templates. Here you can choose from various logos such as ‘Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur‘ or ‘Jeugdfonds Sport‘. In addition, one can choose from different colour combinations and decide for themselves which photos are used in their communication expressions. In this way, local funds can create their own identity (within the overall corporate identity style guidelines) to posters, leaflets, flyers, role banners or fact sheets. The new documents are exported directly to the Library, the digital asset manager of BrandSpot, and can be ordered in the WebShop right away.

Special wizards for Youth Fund Sports & Culture

In addition to creating communication materials with the Studio, ready-made standard materials can also be ordered instantly: for these materials, special shortcuts to the WebShop have been created. Various materials such as stationery, standard flyers and posters, promotional items and a magazine are even delivered even more quickly.

Other standard communication materials involving a number of variables can be created in simple steps using special wizards. This applies to materials such as business cards and address labels.

Ankie van der Spank, Senior Communication Adviser of Youth Fund Sports & Culture, observes that BrandSpot has been received very positively: “With BrandSpot we facilitate urban and provincial funds to produce communication materials in a simple way so that they can approach their target groups as effectively as possible, while also guaranteeing a recognizable image of the Youth Fund Sports & Culture. We are very happy with this solution.”

We are looking forward to a beautiful cooperation with Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur!

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